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So, in the midst of all the other things I was doing this morning, I decided to go on some political rant on Twitter – yikes!! However, minus the silliness of going on political rants on Twitter, I wrote some things that I thought you might be interested in seeing:


(pictured: taken on 1/2/13, read from the bottom up)


Some things…

Yes, I voted for Mo Reese (among eight others) in the FSC’s currently happening Board of Directors election… We over here at PVV know Mo, remember? I interviewed him a while back.

Here is his interview on PVV, and here is some press that includes parts of his candidate’s statement. To agree with (but slightly paraphrase) the words of Mika Tan, I think Mo has a great understanding of the adult industry’s daily business operations, with enough independence to contribute useful insights, questions, and suggestions. Go Mo!!

mika tweet

(pictured: grabbed on 1/2/13)

But my rant went on… I alluded to members of the Board of Directors doing much work with little acknowledgement and no pay – this is 100% true. Being on the Board is completely voluntary and uncompensated, and many people in the industry even have no idea that they work in this manner. All labor, no glory.

I also offered my appreciation for people with enough initiative to try… because the FSC is definitely not perfect. In fact, they’ve messed up more than once. But so have I. And so have you. The amount of good the FSC has done for our society as a whole FAR outweighs any poor choices or simple mistakes they may have made.

Not everyone’s political, and that’s ok… But if you’re a member of the adult industry, you really owe it to yourself (and to the fact that you have a community within which you can work), to kick down some dollars for a donation. Or you could volunteer a few hours here and there in some other way – every little bit helps, and YOU CANNOT COMPLAIN IF YOU DON’T TAKE ACTION.

And if you’re a friend and/or fan of porn, you should donate at least $25 to the FSC… because if you do, I’ll send you some screeners as a thank you!! All you have to do is:


1) join the FSC as a Consumer Advocate or donate a minimum of $25 (info here, email info@freespeechcoalition.com, or call directly at (818) 348-9373)


2) email me “proof” of membership or donation and your address


I will send you THREE screeners as a token of my appreciation. I’ll even pay for the shipping… I’m just that nice!!


(more details –> here <– )

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