PVV – FSC Summit, 2012

On November 8, 2012, the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) held a summit and awards ceremony – their first ever – in Los Angeles. I attended both events, and both events were many things.

Here was the original schedule:

(pictured: from the summit website)

But post-November 6, a “Measure B – what happens next?” discussion was added to the IT. Here are some observations:

– no lunch break!!

– as always, it was incredible to spend the day with so many people who have fought – literally, fought – for our culture’s civil rights for decades.

– very sparse attendance during the morning sessions, standing room only during the post-Measure B discussion, aaand very sparse attendance for the later afternoon panels.

– the Measure B discussion was heated and passionate, needed, inspiring, and too much for 90 minutes… it was also spied upon by an AFH mole who was audio recording without consent from the audience!!

– each of the panels were great, though I always wish legal “discussions” were more Q&A-based. The industry’s attorneys are incredible resources that I often wish could simply be brain-picked …at least for a little while.

– I live-tweeted the ENTIRE thing!! If you want more painstaking but often scattered (hey, you try doing that!!) details, go here –> HERE <– and scroll through the feed.

(do you follow me on Twitter? because if not, you should –> @drchauntelle)


And also, here are some interesting links that discuss many aspects of the event (because, incidentally, I’m now/currently off on a traveling mission)…

AVN – “Free Speech Summit Discusses What’s Ahead for Measure B” (by Mark Kernes)

AVN again – “FSC Summit Puts Industry Issues in Perspective” (more discussion from Mark Kernes)

XBIZ – “FSC Summit Takes Look at Next Steps to Battle Measure B

TRPWL – “AHF Mole Kicked Out of Adult Industry’s Measure B Summit” (by Michael Whiteacre)


mega-squeee – “Jon Stewart On California’s Prop 30, Prop 34, & Measure B: ‘You’re Turning Into Your Dad!‘ (VIDEO)” –> here


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