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Tanya Tate is a woman of all trades – international global celebrity, actress, model, cosplayer, producer, director, publicist, marketer… mastermind!! (I’m getting tired just listing all her jobs, sheesh!!) But, in spite of everything else she does, most people know Tanya as an adult performer of the highest, most respected caliber.

Recently, Tanya was featured on UK Channel 4’s “Date My Pornstar” documentary.

A film crew accompanied Jonathan, Tanya’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, from England to her current home in Los Angeles. During the course of the program, Jonathan gets to meet Tanya, visit a Filly Films set to see her direct and star in a scene with Natalia Starr, and later spend some time on a dinner date.


(pictured: Tanya and Jonathan on UK 4’s “Date My Pornstar”)

It all sounds so interesting, but unfortunately the mid-October broadcast was unavailable state-side. You see, while UK residents were able to watch the program, the rest of the world (including the puritanical United States) missed out…

nudity – le sigh

But don’t fret!! Here’s a quick, two-minute clip from the documentary showcasing Tanya. (note that these “showable” parts were edited together after the fact)



According to Tanya, “[Date My Pornstar] was a very amazing experience. I always love meeting my fans. It was a very thrilling to have someone come all the way from England to meet me.” Further, “the film crew wanted me to be honest and candid with the fan, so viewers will see a side of me that they may not be accustom to…”

Tanya’s gentle sweetness with Jonathan, as well as her reflections regarding his love life and general situation were really touching. I really really REALLY wish I had access to the entire program!!


 (pictured: Tanya on the Sex Awards’ red carpet – adorable!! photo by Rick Garcia)

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