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From AVN on 11/25/13 (here):

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Free Speech Coalition (FSC) is proud to announce the candidates nominated to run in the 2014 Board of Directors election. Five seats are available.

Incumbent board members that are up for election include Bob Christian (Adam & Eve), Christian Mann (Evil Angel) and Larry Garland (El Dorado Trading Co).

Industry members nominated to run in this year’s election include Mike Kulich (Monarchy Distribution), Mark Franks (Castle Megastores), Amber Lynn (performer), Chanel Preston (performer), Mark Schechter (ATMLA) and Mo Reese (Moxxx Productions).

Candidate bios and information will be posted to the FSC Blog after December 2.

In order to vote in the election, you must have been an active FSC member as of November 4, 2013. Electronic ballots (created with survey service Vertical Response) will be sent to all active FSC members, and the voting period will continue from December 2–19.

If you have any questions regarding the election, please phone 818-348-9373 or email Diane Duke.

The Free Speech Coalition is the national trade organization to the adult entertainment industry. Its mission is to lead, protect and support the growth and well-being of the adult entertainment community. (here)

Lots of people like to talk lots of stuff, both good and bad (but most often bad), about the FSC. Oftentimes, what you hear is a lot of complaining – complaining about what people perceive the FSC to be doing …or not doing. Rarely do you hear folks saying “Good job, FSC!!” Kinda like you only hear from customers when they’re pissed, the people who are happy and supportive often stay quiet.

As is the case with every other entity or group in the whole entire world, FSC is a mixed bag, neither wholly perfect nor exclusively bad. Over the course of my time observing and being involved with the adult industry community, I have facepalmed in response to an FSC decision, series of actions, and/or campaign more than once…

(e.g. Manwin being named “Benefactor of the Year,” that whole opposition to Measure B campaign thing, several ill-timed press releases, etc)

…but here’s the thing: I still maintain that FSC does far more good than bad or silly or whatever. They have won landmark court cases that’ve benefitted our entire culture, not just the porn parts. They have worked tirelessly to create and maintain a database that protects the lives and livelihoods of every member of the adult industry. They are the professional, collective, global face of the adult business. None of that stuff just happens on its own.

Is the FSC perfect? Not even close. (nothing is)

Is the FSC worthless? Not even close…

I commend each and every current and former member of the FSC Board. They put themselves out there (free of charge and totally unpaid, I might add) in an effort to create some measure of industry cohesion. My hat is off to Bob, Chris, and Larry, who do so much. And we all owe former FSC President Sid Grief, who is stepping down from all FSC-related activities this year, a debt for his decades of service to humanity.

Seriously: to humanity.

I also would like to extend my deepest respects to each of the new folks running: Mike, Mark and Mark, Amber and Chanel, and Mo. Anyone who has been paying a lick of attention knows that not every one of these people “agrees” with the FSC. Each, however, has the potential to bring something new and necessary to the table. Rather than complaining or flinging mud from behind a computer somewhere, each of these candidates is actively trying to do something to benefit their community.


I will update you all as this year’s election unfolds.

Read about Sid Grief – one of the most passionate, social justice and civil liberty committed people ever – here.

Listen to PVV’s interview with Mo Reese –> here

Listen to PVV’s interview with Mike Kulich –> here


Full disclosure: I am an FSC member. I pay an individual-level membership fee of $50 annually. For that, I get to vote in the election and am on a weekly email list. I am neither connected to nor affiliated with FSC beyond that.


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