PVV – two titles that didn’t get AVN and/or XBIZ award nominations (but I wish had)

Recently, I went through all the titles I reviewed in 2012 (so far) and highlighted the ones that were nominated for XBIZ and/or AVN Awards – though not the only games in porn, a nod from either of these entities is a big deal.

I love comparing the award nominees to what I had the opportunity to engage and review. You can read all about those titles here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 – enjoy!!

But AVN and XBIZ aren’t perfect – nothing is, and that’s ok. There were a couple of instances where I went “Really? That..?” and there were a couple others where I went “Really? Why not This..?

Keeping in mind that I don’t have access to every single bit of porn out there, nor do I choose to write about everything I could (this is done very consciously), I feel compelled to draw attention to the fact that the following two titles may have been worth a nod.


UPDATE (later in the morning on 12/15/12): it just dawned on me that maybe one or both of these titles may not have even been submitted to AVN and/or XBIZ for awards nomination consideration, in which case they weren’t exactly “shut out” (hence, this post’s title change). Either way, I found both these films to be exceptional and – at the very least – nomination-worthy :)


Girlfriends Films’ Fixed Gears, Fast Girls (2012)

phoca_thumb_l_Fixed Gears Fast Girls

(pictured: bike messengers!! buy your copy and/or watch FGFG now here)


Anna Devia Productions’ Alpha Femmes (2011) – hey, there’re a couple other 2011s nominated this year… and this one is a PVV Recommended Film!!

AlphaFemmesBoc Final

(pictured: so much depth to this film)

Have a listen to Anna Devia’s wonderfully in-depth interview with PVV right –> here <–

That is all :)


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