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Assembly Bill 332 is also known as AB-332, and you had better pay attention to it!!

In a press conference held on February 14, 2013 at the offices of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), California State Assemblyperson Isadore Hall III introduced Assembly Bill 332 (full text of the bill linked here). AB-332 would change the California Labor Code to require that all adult performers use “engineering and work practice controls” when performing sex acts in porn.

“Engineering and work practice controls”?

Specifically, the bill would create a new Labor Code section – Section 6720. Part C of (proposed) Section 6720 reads: “An employer shall maintain engineering and work practice controls sufficient to protect employees from exposure to blood and any potentially infectious materials. Engineering and work practice controls shall include, but are not limited to, the following…” And then we get a list of five things.

For example, Thing #2 – Section 6720(c)(2) – reads: “[An example of an ‘engineering and work practice control’ includes p]rovision of and required use of condoms and other protective barriers whenever acts of vaginal or anal intercourse are filmed.” (emphasis added)

Other noteworthy proposed provisions include:

Sec. 6720(b)(2) - “Employee” means a person who is an employee, independent contractor, or unpaid individual, regardless of whether the person is shown in the adult film, who performs a penetrative sexual act or an act for the sexual stimulation of the viewer that involves exposure to bloodborne pathogens or other potentially infectious materials.

Sec. 6720(e) - An employer shall make available the hepatitis B vaccination for any employee engaged in the production of adult films, at the employer’s expense

Sec. 6720(f) – An employer shall designate a custodian of records for purposes of this section. A copy of the original production shall be retained by the custodian of records.

…and so much more. (read the full text of Section 6720 –> here)

These concepts!! These proposals!! These mandates, provisions, definitions, and so many other deeply discriminatory, disturbing, and problematic dimensions… I am almost flabbergasted to the point of speechlessness/typelessness. Almost.

This article from AVN’s Mark Kernes is a must read — discussion of the ins-and-outs of Assembly Bill 332/proposed CA Labor Code Section 6720 here –> “Calif. Assemblymember Introduces Statewide Forced Condom Bill

Further, “FSC Responds to Proposed Statewide Legislation to Mandate Condoms in Adult Productions” –> here

Free Speech Coalition (FSC) CEO Diane Duke stated:

“Tragically, this law – if passed – will not only waste taxpayer dollars and compromise the effective performer health protocols already in place, but also compromise funding for critical HIV programs by diverting program funds to create an unnecessary condom-police bureaucracy,” Duke said. “Additionally, this regulation would force an industry vital to the San Fernando Valley and to California’s economy out of the area.” (here)


In the video below, Isadore explains his reasoning for introducing legislation to make condoms mandatory in California. In the video, he’s flanked by AHF President Michael Weinstein and Darren James, an HIV-positive former performer.

(video from XBIZ here; also on YouTube and Isadore’s site, 2/14/13)


Friends, be you residents of the state of California or not… be you members of the adult community or otherwise… be you fans of adult entertainment or completely disgusted by porn, I implore you – please pay attention to AB-332!!

There are no words to describe how detrimental this could be… for the state of CA’s near-collapsing economy, for the health and well-being of adult performers, and for all our civil liberties associated with workplace autonomy and free expression (including sexual expression).

PLEASE take some time to consider proposed bill AB-332, PLEASE ask me any questions you have and/or seek out answers elsewhere, and PLEASE help to protect the rights of an oft-disciminated against and commonly misunderstood group of humans… especially because your rights are not too far removed from “theirs”!!


Contact Isadore Hall here via his state-sponsored website or on Twitter at @IsadoreHall.

Also, contact the San Fernando Valley’s representative, Bob Blumenfield – implore him to take action!! – via his state-sponsored website here or on Twitter at @BobBlumenfield.



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