PVV – another heart-warming example of former adult performer/sex worker discrimination

There are no words other than the words that have already been written by AVN (July 13, 2012)

“ROANOKE CO, Va.—Former adult star Harmony Rose has gotten a small Virginia town’s panties in a bunch. Rose currently serves as a volunteer EMT on the Cave Spring Rescue Squad and it appears her presence has generated a fair amount of controversy.

The 29-year-old Rose recently joined the squad and currently is on a standard six-month probationary period after which the squad’s members will vote and decide whether Rose becomes a permanent member.

Rose, a Florida native, was a popular performer during her time in adult entertainment. According to IAFD.com she performed in more than 400 movies beginning in 2004, including titles for Brazzers, Evil Angel, Red Light District, Harmony Films, Vouyer Media and New Sensations.

A source told WDBJ7, a local news station, that Rose passed a criminal background and DMV check.

However, consternation about Rose’s former occupation led Roanoke County Fire Chief Rick Burch to seek legal advice from the county attorney. A copy of the letter Burch was sent by the attorney was obtained by WDBJ7…”

Consternation? What consternation? What happened? And why is it that the Cave Spring Rescue Squad is permitted to selectively determine and assign criteria beyond a standard stringent background check?

“‘It has been the practice of Roanoke County not to interfere in the internal membership decisions of the volunteer fire departments and rescue squads,’ County Attorney Paul Mahoney said. While decisions about membership are left to the squads themselves ‘the County reserves the right to determine if that person may operate County vehicles, use County equipment or access County property.'”

If I am reading the allusion correctly, we are to assume that former porn performance is a better assessment of one’s ability to operate a county vehicle than… say… a valid driver’s license?

“However, Mahoney pointed out that public safety personnel are held to a higher standard than other employees and that ‘anything that might result in the disparagement of the reputation of the volunteer squads, departments or the County must be avoided.'”

Ahhhh so what we are really worried about here is that Harmony’s presence will somehow tarnish the volunteer squad’s priceless reputation…

“Mahoney also points out rescue squads tend to have volunteer trainees as young as 16 and 17 years old.

The letter asks ‘will parents be unwilling to allow their minor children to participate under these circumstances? Will this harm future volunteer recruitment?'”

What possibly do these folks think Harmony might be teaching the 16- and 17-year-olds on the rescue squad???? Better, what are they thinking about her doing? Perhaps if these officials got a little more official and stopped fantasizing over what they may or may not have seen depicted in one of Harmony’s totally unrelated adult scenes they could save a few more lives. Apparently that’s too much to ask though.

“In the end Mahoney states: ‘It is my recommendation that you support the decision of the volunteer chief if she decides to terminate the membership of this individual.'” (quoted text originally here)

How do you “terminate” a volunteer? And how do people rationalize this type of behavior? And how do we as a culture CONTINUE to allow this to happen. If Harmony’s former occupation was anything else – anything at all – the world would be up in arms over what is blatant nasty discrimination.

But because she used to be a porn chic (who someone apparently recognized), no one cares.

This kind of stuff make my head feel like it’s going to explode.

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