PVV – amended text of #AB332 to be heard on Tuesday, 4/9/13

…or “on Tuesday,” as everyone else likes to say.

(which Tuesday?!! include the fkkking date!!)

After being tabled in March, Assembly Bill 332 (AB332) will be heard for the first time at the California state capitol on Tuesday April 9, 2013.

The bill, which mandates barrier protection (ie condom use) in the “production of any film, video, multimedia, or other recorded representation of sexual intercourse for the sexual stimulation of the viewer” occurring in the entire state of California, was introduced in February by Assemblymember Isadore Hall.

AB332 mirrors Measure B, which made condoms mandatory for porn shot in Los Angeles County. (passed by LA County voters this past November, Measure B remains in limbo as its terms and conditions are still undefined)

Since March, AB332 has been amended and now includes a co-author – Assemblymember Richard Bloom.

The full text of the amended bill is here —> Assembly Bill 332

Amendments include the addition of Richard as a co-author and the words “that is” in Section 1(h)(1) …which makes me wonder: does Richard really deserve co-author credit for making that minuscule of a contribution, or is something else going on?

Guess what – something else is going on.

The “amended” bill will be heard by the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media legislative committee. The committee is composed of seven state assembly members: Richard Bloom, Ian Calderon, Marie Waldron, Cheryl Brown, Jimmy Gomez, Marc Levine, and Scott Wilk.

Here is (publicly available) contact info for each member… perhaps you might drop them a line?

Ian Calderon          @IanCalderon        http://asmdc.org/members/a57/

Jimmy Gomez       @JimmyGomezCA       http://jimmygomezforassembly.com/2012/

Scott Wilk               @ScottWilkCA        http://arc.asm.ca.gov/member/AD38/

Marie Waldron      @ConservtveWoman       http://www.joinwaldron.com

Richard Bloom      @RichardBloom       http://www.richardbloom.com

Cheryl Brown         http://asmdc.org/members/a47/

Marc Levine           @MarcLevine           http://www.levineforassembly.com


Read about “Tuesday”‘s committee hearing on XBIZ —> here.

Read my run down of AB332’s ins-and-outs, including a point by point articulation re why I think this bill is absolutely NOT a good idea —> here.




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