PVV – Alex Chance speaks to TIME re Hustler’s #GirlsXXX

As some of you may recall, back in May, Lena Dunham – the creator of and principal performer on HBO’s “Girls” – expressed her discomfort with Hustler’s This Ain’t Girls XXX (2013) parody.

And, as some of you may also recall, this kinda (really) annoyed me.

You can read my entire discussion here, but suffice it to say that I took great issue with 1) Lena’s uninformed dismissal of Hustler, and adult content production in general, as anti-feminist and 2) her hypocritical attitude about other people’s sexual expression …all while she engages in a great deal of sexual expression herself.

Allow me to quote myself:

It’s odd to me that Lena Dunham, a woman whose art (her show and her performances therein) is so reliant on exploring sexualities as they operate in the US, is willing to publicly dismiss and judge others doing versions of the exact same thing. (more here)

It still aggravates me just thinking about it.

Anyway, Hustler’s Girls XXX is coming!! The trailer is out and you can order your copy right —> here.


(pictured: buy your copy of Girls XXX and/or watch it now here)

AND, Alex Chance, the performer who plays “Hannah” in Girls XXX, recently spoke to TIME about “What It’s Like Playing Hannah In The Girls Porn Lena Dunham Hates.”

There are some great insights, including:

Chance sees great merit in Hustler’s emulation. She says the script is funny, the character work solid, and since Girls is “pretty much like a softcore porn to start, we didn’t think it was much of a stretch to go on and put the hardcore in it.”


Chance notes parallels between herself and Dunham, particularly given the fact that they both don’t have the archetypal body types that are usually shown naked in film, TV …or porn.

Good job, Alex!!

And grow up, Lena. It’s 100% ok not to like porn, but your hypocritical and thoughtless behaviors here do nothing to further the myriad sentiments you claim to espouse.

Read all my thoughts on Lena, Girls XXX, and authenticity (among many other things) here.



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