PVV – AEE …it’s a whole new world for a fan-turned-journalist!!

You may recall me mentioning Jason Lyon on PVV before…

Jason wrote a wonderful piece about his experiences attending the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in 2011 – “Crossing Over” (here). The piece was so compelling, in fact, that AVN opted to print his essay in the March, 2011 issue of their magazine. Pretty awesome!! He also wrote a compelling piece about pen names and pseudonyms – when to use them, why, and why not… (this one was really thought provoking – highly recommend!!)

Anyway, as the months and years have passed, Jason and I have begun to communicate pretty regularly – he’s a really kind and interesting fellow. And I confess that I am so compelled by his process – a transition from quiet fan to a person openly appreciative of the adult industry’s creative products and personalities… to a person taking a more active approach to engaging the industry.

To wit, I was super pleased some months ago when Jason let me know he would be attending this year’s AEE (2013) as a reporter!! He had been approved for a press pass and was planning to stretch his freelance journalist’s wings.

The result of his efforts this year can be read here – “A Whole New World – AEE as seen by a fan turned journalist

Jason’s article is available in the both the online and print versions of AVN’s March, 2013 issue. The piece begins on page 70 and then continues on page 120.

I was deeply touched by the things Jason had to say, both about me and my work and about the amazing work of so many women and men in adult. It is truly a gift to know that people can see the nuance and humanity and effort integral in shaping the adult community… And it’s even more meaningful (to me) that there’re some who are willing to speak those truths for all to learn from.

Thank you, Jason. You are awesome!!


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