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Yesterday (2/20/13), I got to give a fun little talk at school called “Condoms in Porn: LA County’s Measure B and “Safe(r) Sex” Norms” – it’s working research, which means I got A LOT of wonderful constructive feedback and ideas from my colleagues at USC. The whole thing went really well – super grateful, yay!!

But it got me all re-riled up… or actually, it served to augment my current state of ever-riled about LA County’s Measure B and California State Assembly Bill 332 (aka AB-332).

If you do not know what Measure B is – because it currently “is” – you should take a look here and here.

But even more pressing than that now is AB-332. Because though AB-332 is currently written, it is also currently developing. If you do not know what AB-332 is, basically:

California State Assemblyperson Isadore Hall III recently (mid-February) introduced Assembly Bill 332 . Also known as AB-332, Isadore’s proposition would change the California Labor Code to require that all adult performers use “engineering and work practice controls” when performing sex acts in porn.

Specifically, the bill would create a new Labor Code section – Section 6720. Part C of (proposed) Section 6720 reads: “An employer shall maintain engineering and work practice controls sufficient to protect employees from exposure to blood and any potentially infectious materials. Engineering and work practice controls shall include, but are not limited to, the following…”

(1) Simulation of sex acts using acting, production, and postproduction techniques. [emphasis added]

(2) Provision of and required use of condoms and other protective barriers whenever acts of vaginal or anal intercourse are filmed. [emphasis added]

(3) The provision of condom-safe water-based or silicone-based lubricants to facilitate the use of condoms.

(4) Plastic and other disposable materials to clean up sets.

(5) Sharps containers for disposal of any blades, wires, or broken glass.

(3) (4) and (5) are just fine, but (1) and (2) are mind bogglingly problematic. The full text of the AB-332 is here, and I have written more on the subject here.

You really really REALLY need to pay attention to this bill… because the implications of it are so huge and so detrimental to, like, humanity… well, it’s almost too much to wrap your head around. For those of you who may be thinking “I don’t work in porn, so I don’t care!!” or “I don’t live in California, so I don’t care!!” – mark my words: you need to care because this is going to impact YOU!! (not just “them”)

As I said above, I am in the process of working through some research and writing related to these issues. In the meantime though, maybe check out some of these interesting discussions and fairly horrifying recent developments…


This article from AVN’s Mark Kernes is a must read — discussion of the ins-and-outs of Assembly Bill 332/proposed CA Labor Code Section 6720 here –> “Calif. Assemblymember Introduces Statewide Forced Condom Bill”



CalOSHA Wraps Two Days of Hearings on Treasure Island Media“ Two more are scheduled for April—and AHF is filing new complaints –> here (2/15/13)

The hearings are regarding…

“There was a complaint, and then CalOSHA brought an action,” attorney Karen Tynan said. “It’s a three-year-old case, actually; it’s taken CalOSHA three years to finally bring this to a hearing after numerous continuances which obviously, I feel prejudiced for my client, Treasure Island Media, because of the delays. But it’s for not using condoms and for oral sex without condoms and, obviously, unprotected anal sex, and there’s an allegation of what you and I would call ‘rimming,’ but they refer to it in the transcript as ‘analingus’.”


And, from MarketWatch.com (2/18/13) – “AHF Launches L.A. Ballot Measure for Separate City Public Health Department

The same issue was also covered on XBIZ here, but with the addition of some interesting speculations including:

A possible motive behind the AHF’s decision to launch a ballot measure to divide health regulation in the county may have its roots in the porn-condom issue.

For several years, the AHF has urged Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Los Angeles County’s  Public Health director, to shut down non-condom porn shoots in Los Angeles County.

And in those years, the AHF has come out ahead with several sponsored initiatives, including the two ordinances approved by L.A. City Council and voters. The group now has set its sight on a similar law statewide.

Fielding, however, hasn’t taken a dramatic stand against porn shoots in the county, despite AHF-led letter and phone campaigns.

And it is well known that officials at the county Public Health Department are opposed to their agency enforcing Measure B, the county’s porn-condom law.

Now, perhaps, it is payback time. (here)


what. the. fkkk??!!!! Just the idea that this a possible scenario contradicts everything AHF claims to uphold.

The ever-insightful Mark Kernes offers further in-depth considerations of what may be going on here –> “Op-Ed: AHF’s Latest ‘Grand Idea’ Reveals Weinstein’s Real Agenda

This entire piece is an extremely dense must read that ends with this call to arms:

[Adult producers are] going to have to step up to the plate with contributions to Vivid Entertainment, Kayden Kross and Logan Pierce, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Measure B, and with contributions to Free Speech Coalition for its leadership in coordinating not only the fight against Measure B, but against the 2257 recordkeeping and labeling laws, “obscenity” laws, anti-adult zoning laws and the attempted control of the U.S. government by political conservatives and religious fundamentalists whose aim is to keep all sex within (hetero) marriage, under the covers and in the dark … and no touching yourself even when nobody’s looking!

Or it can move to Outer Mongolia, which is about the only place on earth that Weinstein and his asshole crew aren’t likely to follow.

The choice is yours. (here)


Contact Isadore Hall here via his state-sponsored website or on Twitter at @IsadoreHall.

Also, contact the San Fernando Valley’s representative, Bob Blumenfield - implore him to take action!! – via his state-sponsored website here or on Twitter at @BobBlumenfield.



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