PVV – 2013 AVN and XBIZ Award Nominees (part 2)

Though not the only games in town, the AVN and XBIZ Awards are undeniably the highest-profile honors to be earned within the adult industry/community.

Often likened to the Oscars and the Golden Globes (respectively) of porn, late fall leading up through January are pretty much taken up with AVN and XBIZ buzz and prep. Though other award-granting organizations such as Urban X, the Feminist Porn Awards, and the unfortunately named “Tranny Awards” often reach different conclusions, AVN and XBIZ definitely provide some form of litmus test re what was good in porn during the preceding year.

(for an in-depth explanation as to why I struggle with the phrase “Tranny Awards,” go here)

And I love comparing the award nominees to what I had the opportunity to engage and review!!… because I don’t have access to every single bit of porn out there, nor do I choose to write about everything I could (this is done very consciously)… but, within the context of what I do have the time, access, and will to review, it’s interesting to see what award-granting organizations thought were good relative to what I ended up writing about.

So, given all that, I hereby present you with Titles That I Reviewed That Were Also Nominated for a 2013 AVN and/or XBIZ Award (part 2) – enjoy!!


Tim Woodman’s and Severe Society Films’ The Devil’s Workshop


Camille Crimson’s “The Art of Blowjob” and “Slow Motion Blowjob” (websites)


Kelly Shibari’s Kelly Shibari is Overloaded – a PVV Recommended Film


from New Sensations and Digital Sin…

Innocence of Youth

Shared Wives

Power & Control

Against Her Will

Torn – a PVV Recommended Film


from Burning Angel…


Asphyxia Heels the World



Award nominees vs what I had the opportunity to engage and review, Part 1 and Part 3 – enjoy!!

For a full listing of 2013 AVN Award Nominees, go here.

For a full listing of 2013 XBIZ Award Nominees, go here.


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