PVV – five things I know about what happened on Tuesday October 12, 2010

Some of you know what the title is referring to, and others may have no idea.  In the spirit of edification, here you go…

1. On Tuesday October 12, 2010 a statement was released that said an adult industry performer had tested positive for HIV (hereafter “Patient Zeta”).

2. It has since been reported by various industry press sites that Patient Zeta is a “gay-for-pay” performer, or a man who performs in both gay and straight scenes.  These reports are both unconfirmed and unofficial because…

3. Adult Industry Medical (AIM) has not released the name of Patient Zeta – it would be a violation of HIPAA and related privacy laws if they were to do so.  Legally, HIV+ status must be confirmed by a Western Blot test.  These tests take approximately one week to process.

4. As a precautionary measure, AIM has contacted and quarantined persons known to have worked with Patient Zeta.  The names of the quarantined persons have not been released.

5. As an additional precautionary measure, several adult production companies have discontinued shooting for two weeks and/or until the intricacies and implications of this situation are fully understood.

That’s it, that’s all I know… and I’m pretty sure that’s all that anyone knows (all deductions, which are not the same as knowing, aside).

Now there’re all sorts of rumors floating about alongside myriad inflammatory accusations, assertions, and ““reports”” (double quotes there bebes, as that’s how silly they are) coming from various self-serving and problematic sources, but that’s neither here nor there – just because two negatives make a positive doesn’t mean two shit talkings make a truth.  As far as I can assess, points 1-5 listed above are all anyone knows about this issue.

And incidentally, some rumors I must dispel and issues I must address follow:

– Southern California “straight porn” employs a monthly (and often more frequent) testing protocol to monitor and prevent potential STI infection. Northern California “gay porn” employs condom use.

– There was no HIV “outbreak” in the industry during June, 2009. This tale is a result of 1) poor and inaccurate reporting from the LA Times and 2) misrepresentations of said poor and inaccurate reporting by interested third parties.

– In 2004, a performer named Darren James tested negative for HIV with AIM, worked, and then tested positive the next month.  During the time between his negative and positive tests, he infected three women talent. To my understanding, he contracted the virus outside the industry.  This situation was a cruel trick of fate and timing, incomprehensibly tragic, and an amazingly infrequent occurrence.

Only time will tell us what has actually happened, and I will make sure to let you all know what I learn. In the meantime, much love to all those working as talent – there is no sociology professor in this world who does more for humanity than you do every single day.

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(pictured: someone got some good attention out of this -ness!)

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