PVV’s Hott Holiday Gift Guide

It’s crowded outside!!

…and it’s kinda cold.  Now granted, I think it’s cold once the temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit – that would be 18ish degrees Celsius – but whatever!!

There are so many people out shopping and looking at things and hanging out and wearing too many clothes (because of the whole low temperature thing) that it’s kinda cramping my style (I have a style).

So I was busy lamenting this ness, but then I got to thinking: “How could ‘my style’ be of service during these fine fun festive days?”

Well, duh – PVV’s Hott Holiday Gift Guide, of course!!

I mean really, even if you aren’t into the whole gift giving thing and even if you don’t celebrate any of the December holidays in a big way, who couldn’t use some porn suggestions now and again?

Thus, because I love you and in no particular order, here are some adult titles I think you may want to give and/or get before the year is out.

If you’re into the blockbuster epic, try…

…Wicked Pictures’ Speed (buy here) and/or Adam & Eve’s Rawhide 2: Dirty Deeds (buy here). Both of these films are excellent – great scripts, excellent execution, action and drama!, and beautifully packaged with plenty of super hott sex.  Both films are couples friendly, but Speed (motorcycle street racing) is more of a dude/dude’s girl type-film. Rawhide 2 (a western!) is a more conventional drama.

If you’re into quirky awesome fun, try…

…pretty much anything from Burning Angel, but I really liked DoppelgÓ“nger (buy here) and Joanna’s Angels 3: Douchebag Resurrection (buy here) – smart, sassy, sexxxy, and completely hilarious!!

If you’re into fantastically funny parody, try…

…X Play’s Not Charlie’s Angel’s XXX (buy here) and/or Vivid’s Batman XXX: A Porn Parody (buy here).  Now *tons* of really well-done and hilarious parodies came out this year, too many to list really. I just dug these two in particular as I often fancied myself an Angel and/or Catwoman when I was younger… go figure.

But my enjoyment of these two parodies gets at an important point: when selecting a parody, you might consider whether or not you and/or your partner enjoyed the source material in the first place – if you weren’t ever a fan of the referent, maybe select a different parody.  In other words, if you didn’t enjoy the Coen brothers’ The Big Lebowski (1998), then New Sensations’ The Big Lebowski: A XXX Parody (buy here) is probably not your best choice (unless you have a big thing for particular talent therein, that is).  And by the way, I thought New Sensations’ Lebowski totally ruled ;)

But this “rule” is not hard and fast – sometimes watching something/someone you didn’t like get snarked upon is great fun!! Case in point: real life Sandra Bullock/Jesse James/nazi skank – ehh. Hustler’s Untrue Hollywood Stories: Jesse James (buy here) – awesome!!  James Cameron’s Avatar (2009) – kill me now. Hustler’s This Ain’t Avatar XXX (buy here) – epic win!!

If you’re into alt queer fantabulosity, try…

…pretty much any thing from Heartcore Films and/or Real Queer Productions.  I really liked Heartcore’s Curves (starring goddess April Flores) and Real Queer’s Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! (buy here)

Both Heartcore and Real Queer are part of the Good Releasing production/distribution suite.  Good Releasing offers various lines of adult titles and educational films and represents independent artists creating authentic and diverse content – definitely worth checking out!!

If you’re into Sasha Grey, try…

…Miss Lucifer’s Malice in Lalaland (buy here) and/or Evil Angel’s Fuck Sasha Grey. The world is Ms. Grey’s proverbial oyster as of late – as we know, she is the next Jenna Jameson… or maybe she’s simply Sasha Grey (not “the next” anything). Regardless, fans of this little missy will definitely enjoy both these films.

Note: Fuck Sasha Grey has been described as a bit… much. Although I didn’t find the film/scenes to be too over the top or craaazy, some have. This one may not be for porn amateurs.

If you’re into something a little dirrrty, try…

…Elegant Angel’s Buttwoman vs Slutwoman (buy here) and/or Private’s An Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party in San Francisco (buy here).  An Open Invitation melds professional adult performance with a real world that many love to fantasize about in a seamless, scorching way. Lorelei Lee and India Summer give exceptional performances.

Buttwoman vs Sluttwoman is high-end gonzo/all sex at its absolute finest. Beautifully done, excellent music, and every scene is ri-dic-u-lous, but the airplane hanger tryst between Kristina Rose and Alex Gonz is, in my humble opinion, adult performance at its finest (and rawest… and dirtiest – it’s so good). Another note: neither Buttwoman vs Slutwoman or An Open Invitation are for porn amateurs.

Now, these suggestions are in no way all encompassing.  This is just what came to mind this morning.  Let me know if you have any other must have/must get suggestions for this December season.  In the meantime, enjoy bebes!!

*most of the adult films referenced in this posting were produced in 2010.

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