PVV – Free Speech Coalition Board of Directors Election… happening NOW!!

This year’s Free Speech Coalition (FSC) Board of Directors election is happening NOW!!

FSC members may vote from a field of fourteen candidates to fill nine seats during this month’s election. Only active members who joined FSC by December 17 December 11, 2012 may vote. Electronic ballots will be sent by online survey service by TODAY – December 27, 2012. If you are an active FSC member and DO NOT receive your electronic ballot by December 27, please contact the FSC office at (818) 348-9373.


UPDATE (12/28/12)

Apparently December 17 was the incorrect cut-off date. Though someone from FSC provided me with that information, when my ballot arrived yesterday evening the date listed was December 11th.


Everything else aside, if you can, please make sure you vote!! This is an opportunity for active FSC members to choose representation for the adult industry’s business and legal interests for the upcoming year, AND it’s an opportunity for the community to speak. Like I have said many times before, you cannot complain if you don’t take action.

Here is the FSC’s official announcement naming this year’s candidates –> FSC 2013 Board of Directors Candidates Announced

I have not noticed much press about this election and/or any of the candidates beyond the above-linked post… except for statements from two new candidates: Mo Reese and Amber Lynn.

Read about Mo Reese here –> “Photog, Performer Mo Reese Hopes to Bring ‘Average Guy’ POV to FSC

And read about Amber Lynn here –> “Amber Lynn Seeks Position on 2013 FSC Board of Directors“ …also, read about some “controversy” that may be brewing right here.

In thinking about this election, I really really REALLY hope people put their personal issues aside and focus on uniting and protecting the adult industry. That seems to be the most pressing issue.

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