FSC/PASS: All of Performer 3’s Contacts Cleared

Moratorium remains in effect while exposure possibilities are further investigated.

From AVN, just now (September 11, 2013).

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—FSC/PASS issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon about the contact geneology for the third adult performer reported last Friday to have tested positive for HIV:

The third performer to test positive for HIV does not appear to have contracted the virus while performing in adult film. Three doctors from the PASS medical advisory board announced to FSC that all performers who worked with Performer 3 have tested negative. As with Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, all evidence points to private exposure to virus, which was identified before entering the performer pool by existing protocols.

Despite the fact that none of the three recent cases resulted from on-set exposure, the doctors have elected to conduct additional investigative work prior to lifting the moratorium. While the third performer’s positive test is not linked to Mr. Daily or Ms. Bay in the workplace, we’re investigating to see if there was possible personal contact and if other people who perform in the industry were exposed privately.

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