a Sunny (Leone) day for the Geek Goddesses!!

Holy goodness – Lydia and I got to interview Sunny Leone!!

Sunny Leone is one of the most well-known and well-loved performers of the modern pornographic age. She’s also a businessperson involved in a diverse range of projects, a Penthouse Pet of the Year (2003), a legitimate Bollywood actress, and a super nice person.

(all about Sunny at AllAboutSunny.com here)


Lydia and I interviewed Sunny and her partner-in-many-things, Daniel Weber, for our Geek Goddesses podcast; and you are SO LUCKY because you can listen to it right —-> here!!


September 10th, 2012 – Recently, adult performer and Bollywood superstar Sunny Leone and The Disparrows frontman Daniel Weber let Lydia Lee and Dr. Chauntelle crash their studio in Los Angeles – what followed was nothing short of magic!

During the intimate Q&A, Sunny and Daniel discuss their projects and lives split between two continents. The couple has had (and continues to have!) incredible success with their US company, SunLust Pictures. And, with Bollywood’s Jism 2 (2012) in theatres and more movies on the way, Sunny and Daniel are currently straddling the fence between two distinct types of stardom in two very distinct cultures… And much more!! – Sunny and Daniel interview here


For those of you who may have missed the details, I’ve been working on a podcasting/interview project with my dear friend Lydia Ann Lee (fka Julie Meadows) during the past few months. Basically:

Alternately called “The Lydia Lee & Dr. Chauntelle Show” (or “Dr. Chauntelle & Lydia Lee” depending on which one of us is talking haha), the main purpose of [The Geek Goddesses] is information and discussion – we will be discussing all things sex, culture, and adult from an informed, critical perspective. Our show is also going to have lots of guests and will ideally provide a space for women in the industry (especially performers) to really get into issues they deal with on a daily basis… because no one knows what goes on in the adult business better than the people who actually work in it!!

It’s really a unique combination of real world experience and involvement coupled with the social-justice informed mission to actively engage the diversity of adult – tons of meaningful fun that seeks change and gives back.

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