Interesting News (8/26/11)

People are so nice!! At least once a day, someone sends me link or a reference or a “heeeey!!” about something sex, gender, sex work, and/or adult related.

I get other things too, but the aforementioned tips tell me a few things…

First and foremost, people are so nice and helpful!! Thank you everyone who has ever sent me anything you found interesting or that you thought I would find useful :) Second, there is A LOT of sex, gender, sex work, and/or adult related stuff happening out there, and there’s absolutely no way to keep up with it all!! And third (third for now, at least), we are all so clearly interested in these topics!! Love ’em or hate ’em, there’s something about the sex/gender/work synergy that compels us.

For the next few days (today – August 28, 2011), that synergy is compelling me to the EXXXOTICA LA show. Consequently, I probably won’t be able to write any homages to interesting and challenging women, review amazing adult films that get at complex and divisive issues, or interview interesting and diverse industry insiders, so I thought I would share some articles and things that have found their way to my inbox… you know, to keep you occupied ;)


1. People often wonder why in the heck the vast majority of professional adult content production occurs in California. In a nutshell, it’s because of 1988’s Freeman decision [California v. Freeman (1988) 488 U.S. 1311]. Prior to this ruling, adult productions were targeted as pandering and prostitution; but post-Freeman, they were conceptualized more accurately as legal for-profit film production in the state of California… hence, a significant contributing factor resulting in the production concentration we see today.

RW sent me this interesting article about the Freeman case that’s pretty good… minus the whole incessant mainstream need to constantly bring up Boogie Nights (1997) thing, of course.

2. Governor Good Hair goes Hard Core WTF OMGeee???!!

I know, right?? You’re just gonna have to read this… Courtesy of Mr. Maddy Mudd, think Texas, money, hot (temperature), money, hott (sexxy), hair, and well… hypocrisy ;) There’s plenty of coverage of this issue out there, but I like the snark in this one.

3. And this bit on Christianity, adiction, and anti-porn activism split my brain in many ways…

I appreciate the notion of cultural sensitivity buried here and I certainly have empathy for individuals struggling with addiction, but… well, just read this one for yourself. (from bcfj)

4. …aaaand speaking of “pray the gay away” et al, no jerking off for you chics either!! (here)

If I may, this kind of bs cheapens the phrase “bad touching” – one (abuse) needs to be called out and crushed, the other (masturbation?)… well, if you don’t like it, stop. (article from Mazz)

I think that’s enough for now, but what do you think? Law, state, religion, and… well, maybe a little bit of all three twisted into one? Thoughts??

EXXXOTICA LA updates soon!! xoxox

* * *

Interesting News – news that’s interesting!!

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