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Today in Interesting News – the “Canadian Psycho” has been captured, but please stop calling him a porn star!!

Further, the Nadya Suleman “self pleasure” video will, in fact, see the light of day (or the glow of the interwebs, as it were); Kickstarter shows us, once again, that it’s biased and shitty; and Julia Ann offers up an extremely eloquent statement about why she refrained from lending her support to a charity event… regardless of the fact that the cause was close to her heart.


1. The “Canadian Psycho” has been caught… but please stop calling him a “porn star”!!

By now, you most certainly have heard of him – Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Luka (whose real name is Eric Newman) was dubbed the “Canadian Psycho” in the press after allegedly uploading a video of him murder-mutilating Chinese student Jun Lin online with New Order’s “True Faith” playing as its soundtrack (the song was featured in the opening club scene of the film American Psycho). (XBiz)

Pretty gruesome stuff.

Anyway, they caught him in Berlin some time during the last 36 hours (I don’t know what day it was in Germany). Yay, but so sad…

Here’s the thing: I could go on and on right now about mental health and services and passports and international travel and the isolation that perhaps came into play such that a Chinese student in Canada ended up in some sick fuck’s (sorry, judgement) alleged reenactment of what was truthfully one of Christina Bale’s finer performances…

…but instead what I am going to say is this – stop calling this Luca dude a porn star!!

He was, at best, a failed wannabe porn performer who worked in less than 10 adult scenes, none of which happened recently.

How do I know this?

Well, via the investigative efforts of one of the best websites in the whole wide world – IAFD – and, Luka’s adult “filmography” has been dug up. Here it is, in sum total:

“We/[IAFD, with some assistance from James] at  were able to uncover at least eight of his films and webscenes dating back to 2003. Two of the first, and more popular, sites he worked for include ‘’ and ‘’ in 2003 and 2004. In October 9, 2005, he shot a scene for Patrik Kohl’s Twisty Media (a company with offices in Toronto and San Francisco), which was later included in the film, ‘Adorable’…

The very next month, Magnotta arrived in Florida where he did one still shoot and one video for Lisa Turner’s Badpuppy Enterprises…

Magnotta’s most recent activity appears to be a scene he shot for an Ohio based website called, sometime, we believe, in 2009.”

That’s it, the end.

Was Luca a “porn star” – most definitely not. This is a phrase that is thrown around with such liberal aplomb today that is has virtually no meaning at all… The mainstream media in particular loves to do this any time anyone with any experience as an adult performer crosses their radar. It’s manipulative and misleading.

Was Luca a failed porn performer wannabe? I would maintain that, regardless of his status as the “Canadian Psycho,” yes.

Rest in peace, Jun Lin.

2. If you would like to purchase the Nadya Suleman “self pleasure” video for your varied enjoyment, your wish has come trueit will be available online sometime in the next few weeks!!

You can read about it here, or just wait for it to pop up on

3. Kickstarter has, once again, proven itself to be extremely biased and shitty – it has terminated yet another adult-themed project.

“…Kickstarter has pulled the plug on classic porn producer Distribpix’s project to fund a Blu-ray version of Radley Metzger’s classic adult movie, The Opening of Misty Beethoven.” (AVN)

Kickstarter has a history of letting it’s biases be known, such as when it refused to run a campaign for the film Staying Power… but was fine with Christian horror-porn flick Harmless. You can read all about that ridiculousness here, but suffice it to say that opinions are ok on Kickstarter, as long as said opinions don’t attempt to look at the adult industry in a critical culturally-significant light.

Kickstarter, you’re off the list!!

4. Finally, what force is so distasteful that is would compel legendary adult performer and committed animal rights activist Julia Ann from participating in a charity event called Porn Stars For Puppies… And Cats, Too?

Shelley Lubben.

As I mentioned in my review of Girlfriends Films’ Strays Part 1, Julia Ann is a deeply committed to animal rights and rescue. Anyway, on June 3, 2012 a Los Angeles-area animal boutique called Tailwaggers held a fundraiser for LA Animal Rescue called Porn Stars For Puppies… And Cats, Too – cute!!

But unfortunately, Julia Ann did not attend… because Shelley Lubben was already staging a media circus… cuz she’s a “porn star,” you see. (please refer to item #1 about Luca and the overuse of that term)

Through a series of tactical maneuvers, members of the adult industry – including many currently-working adult performers – came out in support of puppies and kitties… and in opposition of Shelley Lubben.

For those of you going “Who the heck is Shelley Lubben?” I have written about her at length on PVV. See her tag here for more than enough fun reading. Here also is a great summary of Sunday’s events from Anthony Kennerson.

But what I like best is Julia Ann’s own statement. Enjoy!!

“I woke up conflicted today knowing there was a pet adoption event that I wanted to be a part of but not wanting to feel anxiety over the particulars surrounding the event (the ‘Anti-Pornography Infant’ Shelley Lubben saga continues). When I was informed that this person was going to use an event that is to be about the saving of little lives to promote her negative, biased, fear-driven opinion (note I said opinion and not fact) I was insulted and, needless to say, disgusted.

For those that follow the animal holocaust that is happening on a daily basis in US animal shelters (gas chambers and all) with a staggering 5 to 6 million animals being murdered every year, that’s around 700 an hour. In the time it takes you to eat lunch 700 dogs and cats are killed because no one wanted them. 1 out of every 10 dogs and 1 out of 12 cats will find a permanent home. 10,000 people are born every day and 70,000 animals are born every day so do the math. There just aren’t enough good, loving homes.

Now that I’ve explained this heartbreaking truth I’m sure you can understand why some anti-pornography crusader using this event (where a select few critters may actually find love for the rest of their lives) to promote her baseless agenda makes me incensed. For her to show up and act like porn actresses are treated like animals in the shelter (the adult industry isn’t gassing any of us) is preposterous. These two events should never be equated to each other.

Shelley, how dare you make light of animal overpopulation and suffering? My home is constantly filled with these injured, sickly and betrayed creatures while we search for their forever homes, and the adult Industry is what pays for their medical care. Shame on you!

On a slightly different note, If it weren’t for the constant fight that the Porn Industry is engaged in, you (Shelley) might have lost the free speech rights that afford you the platform to spew your venom. What or who would you even be if you didn’t have the industry to hate so much, and who would even hear you? We are your entire identity.

Honestly, you should just say thank you to the Porn Industry and be about your way.


Julia Ann”

In active protest and in the spirit of positive change, perhaps donate some money to your favorite animal services organization… maybe even in Julia Ann’s name? Because “porn stars” are people, too.

More on this example of organization, vision, and activism here.

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