Interesting News (3/1/13)

The only day better than May 1st is March 1st (and maybe every day in July – I love summer!!)

Here’s some Interesting News for a happy this-much-closer-to-spring: Stacie Halas fights back, more on yellow face, and TLA RAW… PVV was nominated for an award!!



Fully wronged (regardless of whatever teen-aged distractions may occur, Stacie was wronged in so many ways by so many different parties) Oxnard, CA middle-school science Stacie Halas, who was fired after students learned she had appeared in a handful of adult content, will continue to fight her dismissal from the classroom.

Stacie was fired from her job as a science teacher at Haydock Intermediate School April, 2012 after clips of her in porn were discovered by students. Teachers and school administrators were initially too inept to figure out how to use the internet, but buried deep (back then) within some archives was – in fact – some “Tiffany Six” content. Now it’s everywhere.

(can I sue all the students’ parents and care-givers for being irresponsible enough to allow their teens extended access to adult content? I think I’m going to…)

A three-judge Commission on Professional Competence ruled in January, 2013 that Stacie should not get her job back, and the Oxnard School District Board of Trustees had already decided to terminate her administrative pay as of February 13.

Stacie has filed an appeal to the Ventura County Superior Court, seeking a reversal to an administrative ruling. Fight Stacie, FIGHT!!

Things must seem bleak and exhausting and I can’t imagine what you’re going through, but fight. You can do it.

For more about Stacie Halas on PVV – because I’ve been following this for a long time now – go —> here.


Remember all that stuff about Burning Angel and yellowface that I was talking about a while back? (here it is you don’t – great discussion from many of the folks directly involved)

Well, here’s some more interesting commentary on it – “Sex-Positive Racism: Holding Alt Communities Accountable” (3/1/13)


And finally – PVV WAS NOMINATED FOR A TLA RAW AWARD!!! (3/1/13 here)

Yes, my public sociology and adult content production edification efforts have been recognized by the very smart and sassy TLA!! So honored to be nominated for “Best Adult Oriented Blog” :)

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