Interesting News (2/13/12)

Today, in all things thumbs-down-bummer – Kink and guns and coke, more from AHF, and some pretty scammy-looking tweets… le sigh.


First off… Gawker broke this story on 2/11/13 – “Fetish Porn Mogul [Peter Acworth of] Arrested for Cocaine Possession By Cops Investigating Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon

Indoor shooting range, like a professional indoor shooting range – fine. But “Indoor Shooting Range In His Dungeon” – what. the. fkkk?!!!

What I find especially interesting is that, according to Gawker, Peter was arrested for cocaine possession… and there was something else in there about “delaying arrest” – nothing to do with guns or shooting ranges – but guns and shooting ranges are all anyone seems to be talking about (not that these things aren’t very much worthy of some serious discussion).

But, soon after, a representative from Kink had this to say (via the SFist on 2/12/13; this update is also on the original Gawker story linked above):

Update: A rep for Kink has clarified several things for us. First, it was not actually Acworth depicted in the video, which was shot on January 31, the night before the arrest, in the Armory’s basement shooting range. Second, the cocaine possession charge came as a result of a search police conducted for a gun on the evening of February 1 — therefore the coke and the guns were not part of a single incident. Third, Joshua Carlberg, the man arrested at the same time as Acworth, is a security guard for the Armory, and he was charged with delaying arrest. Again, they reiterate, there were no gun charges filed. (here)


You can couple all that with with a screen grab from the video that led to cops investigating inside Kink here (Peter is not pictured, according to Kink) and some interesting commentary from Anthony Kennerson – “Memo To Gun Play Is NOT A Kink Fetish…..It Is A Crime!!

Peter, Peter, Peter… It’s stupid shit like private (private? and, might The SF Armory actually have a gun range? but is Kink, which owns and occupies The Armory, zoned, equipped, etc for gun firing today?) gun ranges in one’s basement-that-is-also-part-of-a-workplace that gives anti-porn zealots fuel for their generally misguided fires. le sigh…

Further, here are some very relevant personal stories and insights re Kink from Maggie Mayhem – “Tales Of Kink.Com“ (2/12/13)


Next… More AHF shenanigans!! From 2/8/13 – “AIDS Group Files Complaints with Cal/OSHA over condom-less porn

[AIDS Healthcare Foundation] AHF will target Bay Area adult film production company Treasure Island Media, Inc. with new Cal/OSHA safety complaints over its production of condom-less ‘bareback’ gay adult films; complaint which will be filed with OSHA early next week, are AHF’s first in a series targeting producers of bareback gay films. (here)

There are SO MANY things going on and/or that could be going on here… I’m going to have to watch this one for a while. But still, le sigh.


Finally, remember “some sinnful shade on… Girlfriends Films?!!” (2/6/13) wherein several performers alleged some misdoings on behalf of Girlfriends Films regarding a benefit production they fronted for an illness-stricken Elexis Monroe?

Well, apparently the controversy has been put to rest (as reported by AVN) – “Elexis Monroe Benefit Movie Controversy Put to Rest

But, taken with a grain of salt, there is still this:

The Latest Porn Chick Scam El[e]xis Monroe” by Mike South (2/12/13)

meh… and le sigh.


I’m going to do some reviews now because the news is just depressing :(

thumbs down

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