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2257, Arizona, and puppies – it’s all Interesting News!!


The 4th Amendment, 2257 records keeping compliance, and you!!

In 2009, the Free Speech Coalition began combating federal record-keeping law 18 U.S.C. § 2257. FSC claims that 2257 stings (or just grossly disruptive prowls through workplaces) violate the United States’ 4th Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizures, hence Free Speech Coalition vs. Eric Holder.

Recently, attorney Kathryn Wyer, who represents the US Department of Justice under attorney general Eric Holder, argued to dismiss 4th Amendment complaints from FSC vs. Holder – because 2257 searches aren’t currently being prioritized and/or vigorously conducted by the Obama administration, apparently the whole 4th Amendment thing is no big deal. (at least, according to Kathryn)

But the FSC’s attorney J. Michael Murray argued that 2257 laws remain in effect regardless of the amount of government searches actually taking place. Just because they aren’t happening now doesn’t mean they can’t happen tomorrow – the Child Protection and Obscenity Enforcement Act of 1988, and thus 2257 records keeping mandates, are still on the books.

…and federal judge Michael M. Baylson agreed!! He has denied the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss 4th Amendment complaints, which is really good news.

Read more about this on XBIZ here (11/26/12)

Insights from J. Michael Murray directly, including this very powerful warning/call to arms, are here (AVN, 11/27/12).

There’s already been speculation in the adult legal community that if the FBI reports of the 29 companies that were inspected ever come to light, the industry will be shocked at how out-of-compliance most if not all of those companies were found to be—and in many cases, still are, even though there’s no doubt that everyone performing in their movies and online content are adults.

But if the funding for this lawsuit dries up, such information may never come to light—and producers will be right back where they were in 2007: Worried that their §2257 records are incomplete or somehow otherwise inadequate, and dreading that knock on the door that says their offices and warehouses are about to be invaded by government agents whose reports to the Justice Department may cause those producers to have to defend technical violations of this unconstitutional law that could land them in federal prison for five years or more.

“The industry needs to seriously start funding this,” Murray stated—and producers who fail to take this to heart will have only themselves to blame. (here)


If you need a primer on 2257 and related issues, go –> here (PVV)


Phoenix, AZ does not seem to want you…

…but I guess we all kinda knew that – at least some parts claim to not want, right?

Apparently some kind of law enforcement operation intended to catch content producers located in Arizona who were allegedly recording instances of underage sexual abuse was discussed on… AVN reports all kinds of interesting speculations regarding the point and purpose of addressing said issue in this manner.

One AZ-based industry insider offered this assessment of the situation:

“I think they are just trying to scare the industry away from moving here since the election,” said the veteran. “It’s a shame for the ones that run ethical businesses and bring tax money to the state. We have been based in Arizona for over seven years now and have an office in an area located near an adult store. We do production, though in Vegas, which is much more welcoming and adult-friendly.” (here)


The AVN piece is worth reading, both for its discussion of the original article’s sensationalism and its speculations regarding this issue’s potentially nefarious intent. (here, 11/28/12)

See also the original “Phoenix-area investigations reveal shadowy porn industry” here.


Finally, because exam time is nearly upon us, a “Canadian University Brings Puppies in to Ease Finals Stress.”

You read that correctly, and it’s exactly what you think. In order to help students cope with the stress of finals and end-of-term papers and projects, Dalhousie University in Canada is creating a “puppy room”!!

In many respects, I love this idea. Students get uber stressed out this time of year (obvs), but it’s also rough for the professors – nothing for days and then a mountain of seriously time-crunched grading you’ll never complete. It sometimes feels that bleak!! A puppy break sounds like the perfect thing to clear your head and lift your spirits…

And who among us doesn’t like playing with and petting and making faces at baby animals? I cannot even begin to express how many times I’ve wished for a puppy to pet (but not be responsible for). You know you have too.

The puppy room seems like a great idea… for humans. It seems a little iffy for the puppies though.

Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but I think it’s kind of weird to use animals – baby animals, at that – as some kind of animated stress ball. It’s kinda exploitative. And speaking of stress, what about the stress the animals may experience? Wouldn’t the puppies start to get anxious after being groped by so many desperate hands? Or maybe sad because all these humans they keep having fun times with abandon them over and over?

I don’t know. I like the idea of the puppy room, but if given the opportunity I actually think I would probably skip it…

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