Interesting News (10/4/12)

New publications, new videos highlighting perspectives and mysteries surrounding Measure B (and why a vote of *NO* on LA County Measure B seems to be the most compelling choice IMO), and Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker, oh my – enjoy!!

(PS if you want to read some of my thoughts on Measure B, go here)

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1. Call me excited and proud – whatevs. I have a new article forthcoming, and it’s a big deal!!

You will be able to read “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture – Key Jurisprudential Regulations Shaping the US Adult Content Production Industry” in the St. Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice in 2013.

I know that’s a long way off, but scholarly articles take for. ever. to write, submit and slate, copyedit, and then publish. This piece outlines sociological research (because I’m a sociologist) but is being published by a law journal, so the archiving and formatting process is extra-extensive.

And though I often question my own sanity for continuing to publish academically, I do think it contributes to the social justice-informed mission of my work overall. Plus no one else seems to be taking the time or effort it requires to get adult industry-relevant scholarship into the canon… so I gotta!! (it’s for the greater good)

Anyway, like I said, you’ll be able to read this piece in a few months; but for now, here’s the abstract (consider it a preview!!):

Abstract: I use historical sociology to explore the research question – Why, in spite of its legal and protected status, is adult content and adult content production still a stigmatizing and polarizing dimension of US culture? A historically grounded sociological consideration of relevant jurisprudential proceedings occurring during three eras of US adult content production and distribution points to legal findings out-pacing socio-cultural evolutions. Developing technology has contributed to this process as well.


And since I’m busy talking about myself, here are some links to other academic articles I have written – enjoy!!

“‘Adult Performers and Occupational Safety and Health.” Stanford Law and Policy Review. 2012.

Sex Work, Office Work – Women Working Behind the Scenes in the US Adult Film Industry.” Gender, Work, & Organization. 2011.

From ‘The Devil in Miss Jones’ to ‘DMJ6’ – Power, Inequality, and Consistency in the Content of US Adult Films.” Sexualities. 2010.


2. Apparently Chris Crocker has made his porn debut…

You remember Chris Crocker, the… ummm… “Leave Britney Alone” YouTube sensation from 2007? (don’t lie, you know you remember… his likeness was even featured on an episode South Park because of it)




Anyway, according to XBIZ, apparently Chris is making porn debut for… umm… today, Thursday October 4, 2012.


Except there are actually (at least) two interesting dimensions in the few media blips I’ve seen about this.

First of all, Chris discussed his reasons for deciding to perform in porn on his Tumblr in July. Here’s the post in full, but I found this tone-setting introductory statement to be especially interesting:

“The mere NOTION that someone can be intelligent, talented, and do porn on the side is jarring and impossible to most. (Not all, I know you supporters are out there reading this as well. I am not focusing ONLY on the narrow-minded.) Don’t get me wrong: I am not painting an impossibly pretty picture for the sake of changing anyones minds. It IS difficult. I have to wonder about an array of things it will interfere with. Here are some of the most commonly asked issues..” (sic)

Chris then goes on to discuss being in a relationship, having an “adult performer past” and what it may do to his future career options, his family, and the very uncommonly discussed issue of exposure. It’s interesting stuff. He then closed his post with this:

PSWhat is porn anyway? ;) Is it doing a shameful, crass act on camera.. because if so, I screwed myself on camera years ago..” (sic)

meh, poor guy.

I often think about the stupid things I did when I was young/younger (and yesterday!!), and I’m always thankful that there was no such thing as YouTube around when I was dressing like X, talking about Y, and acting like Z. And even though I don’t think an impassioned youth defending a woman who was obviously in very serious crisis (speaking of South Park, even the merciless every-mockers saw it in “Britney’s New Look“) is necessarily “stupid,” I’m willing to bet that Chris will be the first person to say he maybe could’ve gone about that whole thing a tad differently. (or not – would we even care about him if he wasn’t the “leave Britney alone” guy?)

So yeah…

But in addition to Chris’ statements, (via XBiz) is reporting that, among other things, Chris tops his ex-boyfriend Justin Goble bareback in his debut scene…

Which brings me to some new clips regarding Measure B (you know, the initiative on the November 6th ballot that would make condoms mandatory in porn shot in LA County, the same initiative that targets the “straight” porn industry only)…


 3. One OpEd and two new interesting clips regarding Measure B…

First, from AVN: “Measure B: It’s More Than Just Condoms! – A guest editorial by attorney Allan Gelbard” – this article is an *excellent* discussion of Measure B-related issues.

FYI: Allan Gelbard is “an attorney with close ties to the adult entertainment industry. One of his biggest cases was the multi-million dollar victory he obtained for Evil Angel Productions over piracy of their content. He also successfully had JM Productions dismissed from a federal obscenity case in Phoenix, AZ. He has successfully defended both Seymore Butts and Max Hardcore from alleged violations of California’s obscenity and child pornography laws.” (here)


And videos!!

First, one from The Young Turks (TYT). Apparently, TYT is the largest online news show network in the world. Here’s a link to their YouTube channel.

Anyway, they had this to say about Measure B:





I also saw this recently – very interesting perspective on the organization and mastermind behind Measure B from filmmaker Michael Whiteacre.



Measure B has a fairly disturbing background, and its implications are fairly distressing. You can read more of my thoughts on the whole initiative here.

Or (and) you can also go –> right here <– to register to vote.

It takes almost no time, and guess what – regardless of how you vote, you cannot complain if you don’t take action #justsayin

* * *

Totally unrelated, I’d like to close this post with a positive note…

Consequently, here’s a more recent photo of Chris Crocker pulled from his twitter feed @ChrisCrockerXXX. He’s grown into a really nice looking young man, and I rather prefer this smiling happy image to the hysterical performance artist/teen that we were all once inundated with. I hope Chris is well and happy these days.

* * *

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