Stanford Law School talk (breakdown and notes)

Last week, I was honored (and nervous!!) to give a talk at Stanford Law School!!

In case you missed it, I was to present findings from my forthcoming paper “Adult Film Performers and Occupational Safety and Health” on Wednesday, April 11, 2012. I was one of three panelists presenting work at Stanford Law School’s Safety of Sex Workers event, and I summarized data and insights gleaned from twenty-four women and men currently working as adult performers in the Southern California/Los Angeles area. (more on the entire event here)

Most of what I found called attention to disconnects existing between California state law and adult production practices. In particular, I discussed disconnects between adult production practices and CalOSHA and adult production practices and HIPAA. I also discussed the differential meanings associated with sex-related experiences and phenomena as they are conceptualized by the adult industry (a subculture) and wider society (culture) and issues of individual bodily autonomy juxtaposed with issues of state regulation.

I summed up with the complexities that arise when you consider a population of folks (adult performers) who deal with not one, not two, but all four of the aforementioned disconnects/issues. The complexities that arise are both deep-seated and significant.

Anyway, I was happy with my talk, and I was also very interested in works from UNLV’s Ann McGinley (who talked about sexy workers – not sex workers – employed in Las Vegas casinos) and AHF’s Brian Chase (who talked about the lack of adult performer litigation in response to occupational hazards)… but unfortunately, the event started way late and each of us presenters talked a little longer than we were supposed to so there was no time for discussion or Q&A. Bummer!!

Regardless, I have since gotten some great feedback from folks who were in the audience. It was a great honor to speak at such an esteemed school – my incredulous self doesn’t get all that impressed with schools these days, but Stanford Law School is pretty epic.

The paper will be available soon for those of you who want to read it, and I broke the whole thing down during one segment of a podcast here… have a listen!!

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