SSSP 2012 – abstract nerd-gasm!!

Sooo… a couple folks expressed interest in knowing more about what my 2012 SSSP presentation – “Pornographic Methods: Using New Media to Study Adult Production” – was going to consist of. Always happy to oblige, here’s the abstract:

Pornographic Methods: Using New Media to Study Adult Production

Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D.

Visiting Scholar, Department of Sociology, University of Southern California (USC)

The adult production, or “pornography,” industry has been a leader in technology implementation and innovation for decades. It is also one of the most marginalized, stigmatized, and influential sub-cultural spaces operating in society today. It is not surprising then that explorations of this industry require implementation of both rigorous traditional research methodologies and innovative non-traditional new media tools.

New media forms allow researchers to reach members of fragile and/or “at risk” populations, and I have used various dimensions of new media to aid my explorations of the adult production industry. During this talk, I will discuss ways in which new media tools have worked synergistically to complement the use of in-depth interview, focus groups, ethnography, and comparative-historical sociology in my work. I will focus on social media and various “face-time” technologies and will also discuss ways I plan to engage these tools in future research.

Like I said: abstract nerd-gasm :)

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