some “critical success” worth mentioning ;)

I get press releases about all sorts of things happening in the business, sometimes several a day – this is one of the best and most useful things ever.

I learn about new and exciting goings on from this sort of PR, which occasionally prompts me to write some tangential (yet brilliant) mussing about whatever whatever.  For example, one of PVV’s ultimately awesome pieces was inspired by a press release from leading adult novelty manufacturer Topco Sales regarding their then-new “Average Joe” line of sex toys (read that brilliance here).  I never could’ve written “Monster Cock VS Porn Star Penis VS …Average Joe?” without information and inspiration from Topco’s press release. But, for various reasons, I never just re/post releases verbatim.

Until now(ish).

I was just informed that my review of Girlfriends Films’ VOD only film Poor Little Shyla (2011) was cited in some pretty awesome PR. The following quote from yours truly as it was incorporated into said PR follows:

“Obviously a hit with consumers, Poor Little Shyla is also a critical success. Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals of writes, ‘Shyla, braces and all, is the predominant object of desire in this film. And even though Georgia and Faye are mean to Shyla, they’re clearly mean because they like her. Showing differently abled persons as sexually desirable and desiring is rare, even in the mainstream, and Girlfriends has done something rather unique in this context. … The sex is hot; the performances are excellent. Faye shines as a crafty little bitch brat, and the subject matter is dealt with gracefully. It’s a real testament to the quality of Girlfriends Films’ content in general.’”

My review is an indicator of “critical success,” which is almost too awesome!!

Girlfriends Films’ Poor Little Shyla (2011) available on VOD here.

See the full text of the press release reprinted in AVN here, and my review of Poor Little Shyla (2011) here.

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