*re syphilis: Mr. Marcus speaks out*

Very important developments in adult industry’s syphilis situation…

Adult performer Mr. Marcus has admitted to being diagnosed as positive for syphilis, performing three times after that diagnosis, and willfully doctoring one test from Talent Testing Service (TTS).

In an emotional interview that at one point brought the 18-year veteran star to tears, Mr. Marcus admitted that he made “mistakes” in recent weeks, but that he never once felt he was endangering anyone else by performing three times between July 24 and Aug. 8.

“I have to live with this, no one else does,” Mr. Marcus said. “I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I did not think that this would come out like this. I’m sorry. All I can do is try to make some good happen. That’s it. I can do that. I can stand up. I’ve been taking a lot of shit. I can take it.” (from XBiz here)

Diane Duke stated:

“It does take a lot of courage to come up and admit the mistakes that you made in manipulating a test. Yes, there were mistakes made. But because [Mr] Marcus came forward we were able to start the genealogy, which is so critical. And we were also were able to start developing our strategic plan.”

[Christian Mann] stressed that FSC is not trying to justify Marcus’ actions:

“The Free Speech Coalition is not whitewashing or condoning or excusing the behavior that Marcus had that was inappropriate… Some of it based on lack of information. Some of it based on genuine belief that he wasn’t endangering anybody and some of it… Some deceit that was based on a self-serving agenda that can’t be excused. The behavior can’t be excused, but we don’t throw our own away and we’re not setting ourselves up as judge and jury of anyone.”

Quotes from XBiz here.

Further information can be found on AVN here.

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