“rain delay” (moving)

dear loves,

I am currently moving. Again.

For those of you who have not moved recently, it sucks. For those of you who have moved recently, you know. Further, in addition to causing intense fatigue, moving is time consuming, expensive, and the source of many a random scratched, smashed, and/or ripped XXX. Long story short, this week’s Dr. Chauntelle Show is delayed.

But don’t despair!! There’s so much more to the PVV Stratosphere… So, why not take this opportunity to listen to one of many other delightful Dr. Chauntelle Show episodes and/or a super fascinating Back Stories interview? They’re all here – enjoy!!

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Rest assured that I’m not neglecting my duties as The Eminent Pornologist. I’m either carrying boxes (that may or may not be filled with work-related items) or unpacking dishes while thinking about critical commentary on the adult industry… and you!!

Be back soon!!


dr. c

* * *

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