PVVOnline.com is an Erotic Awards Finalist!!

The Erotic Awards is an annual event that honors achievement in erotica worldwide. Founded in 1994 by Tuppy Owens, the awards ceremony is held at the beginning of the annual Night of the Senses celebration.

Tuppy Owens (b. 1944) is a sex therapist, sexuality campaigner, and writer. She has a degree in zoology and has worked as an ecologist; but in 1974, Tuppy began lecturing on the subject of sex. She has continually furthered her own learning and has been active in sex education, sex therapy, and public health ever since. She developed some of the first publicly available instructions that visually depicted how to put a condom on securely (incredible) and offered safer sex advice during the early days of global HIV. In 2005, she founded the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA), which brings together health professionals interested in sex and ability. Dang!!

Anyway, in the middle of all that, Tuppy Owens started The Erotic Awards and Night of the Senses.

The 25th Anniversary Erotic Awards and Night of the Senses celebration will take place on May 26, 2012 in West London. There, awards for categories in various art, media, and literary forms (including blogs), sex work, “innovation,” campaigns for individual projects, and websites overall will be presented. Nominations for each award come from the public, via the Erotic Awards website, and/or by brochure, and three finalists in each category are then selected by a jury.

And guess what? PVVOnline is a Website Award finalist!!

I had great fun looking up and learning about the other finalists’ work – there’s some amazing stuff that I am honored to be acknowledged among. I was especially pleased to see that Jiz Lee (love them!!) is one of three Innovation Award finalists, and JoyBear Pictures’ Match Mates (an absolutely stunning, unique film directed by Liselle Bailey – review here) is one of three Film Award finalists – yay!!

Oh, and if all this is not enough, funds raised from the awards benefit Outsiders, a charity that helps differently-abled persons find social and romantic partners. Tuppy started this organization in 1979…

Holy goodness, what an amazing woman!! What an amazing body of work!! What an amazing honor… I’m truly touched.

Visit the Erotic Awards, 2012 here. Scroll through a beautiful gallery of all the finalists and their work bios here.

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