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Did you know that PVV has two podcasts??

Back Stories and Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson are fun, fascinating, and informative ways to learn more about the adult industry!! Consider…

Back Stories – No one is just their job, and people who work in porn are more than just sex on film. From performers to post-production, office workers to executives, PVVOnline’s Back Stories podcasts explore the lives of people who work in all aspects of the adult industry through in-depth audio interview.

Some of the folks who have been featured on PVV’s Back Stories podcast include Brian Street Team, Nate Glass, Richie Calhoun, Magdalene St. Michaels, and many more. And there are new, wonderful interviews with an array of diverse adult industry insiders (almost) every week!!

Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson – listen to weekly chit chat (Mondays!!) with Dr. Chauntelle and her co-host, Johnson. Johnson is fairly “regular:” a married, college educated dude in his mid-30s. He works in mainstream film advertising and is a pop culture aficionado. He also has a very open and honest, long-standing relationship with adult entertainment. Together, he and eminent pornologist and sociologist extraordinaire, Dr. Chauntelle, get at all sorts on adult industry-related issues.


And starting *NOW* there’s a new way to get PVV podcasts – iTunes!!

To subscribe to PVV podcasts on iTunes and/or download individual episodes of Back Stories and Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson, go here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/pvvonline/id512409179 – easiest ever!!

New episodes of Back Stories and Dr. Chauntelle & Johnson podcasts will always be available on PVVOnline.com and pvvonline.podbean.com (with accompanying text), but make sure to subscribe to PVV podcasts on iTunes too!!

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