PVV – ground rules (for PVV, for life)

FYI: this entire post is one big le sigh…

PVVOnline.com has a Mission Statement (articulated as Mission & Goals), always has. Here it is:

“Everyone has an opinion about porn – it’s either good or bad, exploitative or liberating; it’s super hott, or it’s just plain nasty… when, in actuality, it’s more complicated than any one of these ‘either/or’s.

Just like real life, porn is multi-dimensional and complex, and every discrete element is also part of a wider socio-cultural past, present, and future. PVVOnline/Porn Valley Vantage engages these complexities, connecting the dots and offering readers a unique take on the adult industry.

Rather than an all-or-nothing approach, PVVOnline seeks to shed nuanced light on an influential yet extremely controversial, marginalized, and stigmatized industry. This is accomplished, in part, through rigorous consideration of multi-dimensional relationships existing between wider US culture and the adult production industry. PVVOnline is also committed to the following three goals:

1. accessibility – This blog is meant to be accessible, interesting, and informative to all parties curious about the adult film industry.

2. rigorous commentary – Although this blog is not ‘academic’ per se, it is rigorous and situated in a place of informed critical commentary. Members of the adult community will be engaged directly and will have the opportunity to share their stories and experiences. All claims will be substantiated, and readers will be able to find references and/or more information about all topics discussed.

3. specific focus, wide breadth – This blog addresses all issues impacting, shaping, and related to the adult production/entertainment industry including (but not limited to): critical commentary on incidents and issues with the potential to have significant impact on adult content production, the deconstruction of industry myths, in-depth consideration of a wide variety of adult content, and providing a more nuanced look at industry insiders and institutions.

By engaging all aspects of the adult industry, this blog (and Dr. Chauntelle’s work in general) seeks to provide readers with an ever more nuanced look at porn and the community that works to create it.”

Given this statement and some rather juvenile and moderately annoying things that have been going on behind the scenes lately, I am adding these ground rules to PVV’s Mission.

1. Disagreement and/or differences of opinion are perfectly fine (in fact, they are welcome) *however* comments such as “So-and-so sucks because they just suck and I don’t like them!!” and/or “XX is a blah blah blah!!” with no evidence and/or discussion-type follow up are neither productive nor enriching. They do not help further PVV’s Mission & Goals. Thus, in the spirit of critical commentary, baseless accusations and/or sweeping uncritical assessments of a person’s or project’s quality, meaning, and/or social significance are not for PVV.

In other words, if you’re gonna talk shit, be insulting, and/or offer a counter opinion or perspective, you must do so with some form of discussion or introspection. Leave the juvenile behavior were it belongs, which is not on PVV.

2. Impostoring (now a verb), impersonation, and/or misrepresentation of one’s identity is also not for PVV. Not only is this sort of thing extremely spineless and annoying, it’s illegal.

Many folks use an on-line handle and or pseudonym regularly and consistently – I am not referring to this practice at all.

These rules apply for every topic, person, and/or project discussed on PVV, including myself. If you disagree with my stance on something, that’s more than OK. If you would like to explain to me why you disagree and perhaps help me see something in a new and/or different light, that’s wonderful. Regardless of outcome, I will be forever in your debt simply on the basis of your efforts to share.

People don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, nor should they. And just because you don’t agree with something or like what someone is doing or appears to stand for, that doesn’t give you the right to blast them without some form of critical evaluation. At least not on this site.

I often hear parents say to kids something like “Use your words.” That suggestion goes for PVV, too. If you want to offer up some insight, I would love to hear it; and I’m pretty sure everyone else out there would too. But you have to use your words.

PVV (thus I, Dr. Chauntelle) works, on a daily basis, to further its goals – shedding light on an extremely complex, stigmatized, and significant industry. Every post has a message of its own, but every post is also just one of many drops in a bucket being used to paint a more complete picture of adult production. This is the end to which the PVV community is contributing. Engage it, as it’s a wildly unique and progressive idea.

That is all.

*gets off soapbox*

* * *

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