PVV – electric feel

I am over-stimulated.

So many things have occurred during the past few days – complex developments in extremely significant industry issues, fall semester ending, working my way through overwhelmingly huge interview and content-related projects, a fun new gig starting up, travel, and visiting time with my little muffin munchkins… I’m feeling a little maxed out!!

And yet, in spite of all this chatter, I find myself moderately preoccupied with this interesting new “test” that Maddy Mud told me about – an electrovaginogram.

An electrovaginogram (or EVG if you will*) is kind of like an EKG for your pussy in that an EVG records electric waves coming from the vagina. According to researchers, these waves may be coming from some sort of “pussy pacemaker” located inside the upper vagina, maybe even the g-spot; and they seem to be responsible for vaginal contractile activity. (write-ups here and here)

So, if I understand this correctly, an EVG essentially takes a vagina’s electric pulse – interesting!!

But even more interesting is this:

“Large-volume vaginal distension effected an increase in the vaginal electric waves and pressure, which probably denotes increased vaginal muscle contraction. It appears that penile thrusting during coitus stimulates the vaginal pacemaker which effects an increase in vaginal electric activity and muscle contractility and thus leads to an increase in sexual arousal.”

So, repeatedly distending (read: enlarging or ballooning) a vagina with some large-volume causes a pussy’s pulse to race!!

Now you may be thinking: “Fucking (if that’s what you’re in to, in various forms) gets women more turned on – no duh.” And maybe this is somewhat obvious, but I think that the nuance here is what’s important. To me, it sounds like this study is reporting something akin to a reflex – if a vagina is repeatedly distended, its pulse will automatically be affected.  It then follows that if a pussy’s pulse doesn’t quicken with distension, this may be a sign that something is physiologically amiss.

Now obviously amping up one’s vaginal electrics isn’t all there is to getting ladies hott. Other research on women’s sexual response states that: “The nature of the female sexual response is highly complex and is influenced by many factors that incorporate psychosocial as well as physiologic entities” (study here; quote on page 17).  So even if a pussy’s pulse is somehow assessed as ab/normal or un/healthy by an EVG, there’s always more to the story.

But in the end, I am certainly captivated by the idea of an electrovaginogram (how does one request such a test? and where the hell in Kaiser would you get this done?!) and the fact that I may have electric chatter overload in my pussy …kinda like I have in my overworked brain right now.

*from what I can tell, researchers do not use “EVG” as a truncation for electrovaginogram… but it worked too well for me to ignore!!

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