PVV – an update on the October 12, 2010 HIV incident

Happy Sunday, bebes!! I hope you all are doing well and fabulous on this beautiful fall day!! (don’t forget to set your clocks back!)

Since I have still been getting inquiries (including excellent questions from the mysterious OR) and since official information has only recently become available, I feel compelled to give you all an update on the HIV incident in the adult industry that was reported on October 12, 2010.

On November 5, 2010, Adult Industry Medical (AIM) reported that:

1. Patient Zeta had acquired the HIV virus through personal, private sexual activity.

2. Patient Zeta had not spread the virus to any other persons via private or professional sexual contact.

These determinations are based on testing two generations (those who Patient Zeta had sex with are “Generation One;” those who Generation One persons had sex with after Patient Zeta are “Generation Two”) of Patient Zeta’s personal and professional partners for HIV -twice each- with multiple methods (see AIM’s full statement here).

In other words, the adult film talent who had initially testing positive for HIV got the virus outside the industry and did not infect any other persons professionally (via porn sex) or privately (via personal sex).

Now this is a super loaded issue that, aside from reporting “just the facts” here and questioning the LA Times here, I have been pretty quiet about – honestly, I was waiting for the dust to settle before I offered some sort of brilliant assessment of the situation ;)  But now that I know that everyone is safe (aside from Patient Zeta, who I sincerely hope is getting proper care, services, and support), my commentary is on its way – stay tuned!!

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