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Those Madisons are the most interesting couple! So interesting, in fact, that they put together titles like these (oh my)…

The Adventures of a Teddy Bear


We’re all secretly voyeurs. For some of us, our voyeuristic moments are accidental opportunities. Like being on a late night walk and seeing a naked woman through an open window. For Ryan Madison they’re premeditated works of art and manipulation. A cute, cuddly teddy bear with a hidden camera serves as a Trojan horse to get the most intimate look into the lives of these innocent teens. It’s a moral issue Ryan struggles with but sometimes temptation can be absolutely overwhelming.


(pictured: The Adventures of a Teddy Bear)

Dark Perversions (vol. 3)

Here we have the third installment in a series that showcases the darker side of Porn Fidelity…

The complex cerebral basis for human sexual behavior has always been a controversial mystery. For those of us whose perversions dwell from deep within the darkest corners of our minds, there tends to be a bit more controversy… and a bit more fun. Exploring the adrenaline pumping, rush of fear combined with the overwhelming sensation of lust and hard fucking is something that we pride ourselves in doing properly. We now invite you to explore your sexual boundaries in the third installment of our critically acclaimed series, Dark Perversions.

1690233h(pictured: Dark Perversions, vol. 3)

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