Las Horas Picantes, Geek Goddesses, and CNN – my week last week :)

So much fun action this past week, oh em gee!!

A new installment of the Geek Goddesses podcast is out (aaand Geek Goddesses is now on iTunes!!), I had a great time visiting El Capitan y Ms. Ann Marie Rios en Las Horas Picantes, and my little ol’ opinion was up on CNN – dang!!

Enjoy the summary and reflection…


First of all, I was so excited to get to spend some time with Ms. Ann Marie Rios on her Playboy Radio show, Las Horas Picantes. Ann Marie and El Capitan talk about all sorts of sexy things on the show in a super relatable way… all with the goal of helping people realize that sex is out there, a part of life, and should be embraced with an open mind and heart (at least that’s what I got out of it).

And the show was awesome!! I was on for about an hour and a half wherein I talked a little bit about my work and PVV, sociological things, and all sorts of other silliness. It was a great time, and we even got a visit from a furry friend…

(pictured: image by El Capitan y Las Horas Picantes)


Anyway, en la futura, escucha las Horas Picantes con Ann Marie Rios y El Capitan, Miercoles – Viernes, 4 – 7 pm PST en Sirius XM 569. You can call in at 855-727-7273 and/or email them at They’re also on twitter @MsAnnMarieRios and @HorasPicantes  – super fun!!


I weighed in on a CNN piece entitled “Porn Stars use Twitter to go Mainstream” – neat!!

The piece itself garnered various reactions from within the industry and and even more reactions from those outside it… People commented on some factually incorrect elements and flubs, as well as the “No shit, Sherlock” nature of the entire thing.

I personally don’t recall emphasizing anything about “going mainstream” when I spoke to the reporter, Jim Spellman – I focused more on how social media can be used to deconstruct stereotypes and demystify the public about the industry, how performers can use social media as a business tool, and how platforms like twitter provide consumers with a space to connect with adult performers in a way that is, ultimately, humanizing – so I thought it was interesting that Jim took the title’s angle on this story… but he’s the professional reporter, so maybe there was so reason for nudging the piece in that direction?

[if you’re interested in more on adult performers and social media, go – here – awesome insights from performers (Tanya Tate, jessica drake, Alia Janine, Kelly Shibari, and more) and experts on social media as a really useful tool]

I also didn’t like the “surprised” tone of the story – ie “Many of the performers are surprisingly funny, smart and engaging on Twitter.” Really: “surprisingly”? This seemed a little insulting, but maybe Jim was engaging the series of overwhelmingly negative stereotypes put on adult performers – we as a culture expect “porn stars” to be brainless and damaged, thus funny, smart, and engaging are surprises. If you’re expecting one thing and are (happily, admittedly) surprised by another, I guess that’s actually good right?

But like I said, there were a lot of “no shit” reactions to this piece (especially from within the industry)… and I hate to be the one to say this, but at least Jim and CNN and Turner Broadcasting and whomever else are trying.

Jim Spellman is not a member of the industry, nor is he an porn expert. From what I could tell by googling around, he doesn’t cover adult-related happenings at all. He’s just a reporter/human who came across something he found interesting enough to share. And when he hears a bunch of “surprisingly” insightful information from a group of porn performers in an entirely unfamiliar context (I would imagine Jim’s exposure to porn prior to this piece was… err… purely private)… well, that has to be overwhelming. Or at least a lot to process.

But – and here’s the important part – at least he’s trying. That’s a huge step in the correct direction – thank you Jim, and thank you CNN!!

Read the whole story here, and let me know what you think!!


And last but oh-so-far from least, there is a new installment of the Geek Goddesses up for your listening pleasure —> here!!

In this episode, Lydia and I talk about BBW Fan Fest, Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC segment on adult content, other “academics” apparent penchant for “shock” porn, Bree Olson’s new music video, and many other fun (and some serious) things.

And, if that’s not awesome enough, the Geek Goddesses is now on iTunes for your subscribing and listening pleasure!!

Here’s the iTunes feed —> Geek Goddesses on iTunes

And here’s the Geek Goddesses home page on PodBean —> Geek Goddesses on PodBean

Enjoy – now I’m gonna go get some rest!!

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