“It’s (Not) A Man’s World” crushes it at AEE!!

Just a quick note, bebes (because I know you all are burningly curious)…

Yesterday’s seminar, It’s (not) A Man’s World – women leaders in the adult production and novelty industry, went amazingly well!! The seminar room was packed, there were tons of great questions, and I really think everyone got something significant out of the discussion.

AEE women's seminar 2012

(pictured: pre-seminar l-r me, Lucy, Allison, Anne, Stormy, and Joy)

But you can get an idea for yourself!! Here’s a little clip from the seminar. In it, we see panelists (l-r) Lucy Vonne, Allison Vivas, me, Anne Hodder (who is obstructed by the podium thing a little because of the angle), Stormy Daniels, and Joy King. Anne is speaking in the beginning of the clip, followed by Stormy. It’s a sweet little taste of how awesome the entire event was – enjoy!!


There is so much more to share, but all in due time!!

Thanks again to the wonderful, strong, and brilliant women who took the the time out to participate in this event. I’ve received so many wonderful messages filled with positive feedback and sincere appreciation during the last 24 hours – it really makes all the work and effort that goes in to such things so very worth it. Yay!!


* * *

PDF of “It’s (not) A Man’s World – women leaders in the adult production and novelty industry” seminar program here.

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