Introducing… PVV’s Newest Associate Reviewer, Anderson R!!

Many sensationally secret yet amazingly ambitious things have been going on behind the scenes at PVV recently, only one of which is the addition of a new Associate Reviewer – welcome to the PVV Family, Anderson R!!

Anderson is a writer, trying to make a living after finding out that a Bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean much in the current economic climate. Lucky for him, he found PVV and now has an outlet to write about porn on the same internet where one can find so much of it. A major theme he likes to explore in his writing is the relationships occurring between genders – especially role-reversals of stereotypical, gender-normative traits.

Like PVV’s other Associate Reviewers – the inquisitive and exploratory Vittoria Buzza, the legendary Hank Fontaine, the snark-tastic AbsolutAustin, and the elusive Art Bizarro – Anderson’s unique perspective will add an amazing new dimension to PVV. I expect great things from him and am so excited to read his first review… which just maaay be coming this weekend ;)

In the meantime, you can follow Anderson on Twitter at @AndersonR_PVV and/or email him here. You know you want to!!