Gaga for Hellfire!!

I love Harry Potter (the franchise, et al). I already have tickets to watch the eighth and final epic movie on Friday evening, much to AF’s disgusted amusement. I would go to a Thursday/Friday midnight showing, but I have to be somewhere at 8 AM… plus, I must admit that I love the tortured anticipation!!

I’m so excited (and also sad).

I didn’t think I would be able to snap out of Potterama Delirium at all this week, but then I saw this trailer:


Oh. My. GAGA!!

More on my feelings about Lady Gaga someday soon; but for now, just revel in the glory that is Hustler‘s This Ain’t Lady Gaga XXX (it’s a parody)!!

Splashy splash here (trailer also). Gaga played by Helly Mae Hellfire, which apparently was a brilliant choice. Directed by Axel Braun.

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