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dear loves,

I am currently operating under not one, but two (two!!), major writing deadlines. Consequently, posts on PVV may be a bit spartan over the next few days. Please forgive me, though I know you all will enjoy at least one of the things I’m working on… eventually!!

In the meantime, why not check out…


1. an amazing Back Stories podcast!! Recent gems include:

– the all-around incredible performer/producer/publicist/geek Tanya Tate (the cutest, sexiest thing you will ever hear!!)

– erotic fine art photographer turned producer Anna Devia (this is a very political podcast!!)

– up-and-coming business badass Mike Kulich

…and many more!! Check out the Back Stories link here.


2. PVV’s social media series, wherein a wide range of adult performers tell us why social media is so important!!

It’s in three parts here, here, and here.


3. some really interesting news!!

– five reasons why you should pay for your porn here

– “Rob Black to Place a Gay Green Lantern in 3D ‘Justice League XXX'” here

– and some troubling fractures may be developing in the adult industry community here



I’ll be over here writing frantically. If you need me, you can always hit me up on Twitter at @DrChauntelle!!


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