and the winner is…

Winning – what better way to kick off a holiday weekend!!

Sooo without further ado…

LN, PVV loves you!! Welcome to the elite band of awesome that is Screener Surprise Winners!!

Here’s what LN had to say about PVV:

“I heard about PVV from XXX a while back. We were talking about porno and how much I don’t like it. Then XXX told me about this site, which I have been reading for a few months. I can’t say that I still don’t think pornography (I mean “adult”) is bad, but I like reading your take on things that never really occurred to me before.”


LN’s message means a lot. Not everyone likes or appreciated adult content or the adult industry (nor does everyone have to), but I really appreciate LN’s efforts to learn more. Because not liking something isn’t an excuse to remain uninformed. And if through becoming informed one finds their opinion changing, yay. Equally “yay” is when a person has a clearer picture of what exactly they don’t like and and why.

LN, be looking out for a special little surprise in the mail from PVV soon!! I honestly am a little apprehensive about sending you your Screener Surprise surprise, however perhaps the content will provide you with an opportunity to learn more… I would love to hear what you think, one way or the other or another, so please keep me informed :)

And for those of you who are squirming with envy right now and wishing for a little extra 4th of July sparkle of your own, why not enter next month’s Screener Surprise?? Here’s how:

Email me and tell me what you love about PVV, what you love about adult content in general, OR what you would love to see in some porn someday (You, The Producer). You only need to pick one (although you may do them ALL if you want), but make sure to tell me something fun – the funner the better!!

Also include your address (for the one-time mailing of your winnings only), a name that I can use to refer to you, and an idea of what type of content you would like to receive as a “Surprise!!” if your statement is chosen… then you too could be as ready to learn as LN is right now!! …it’s like getting new books at the beginning of a fresh semester ;)

* * *

Screener Surprise winners are selected on the first of every month in an effort to help fight internet piracy of adult content. Past Screener Surprise winners are listed here.