and the winner is…

Guess what today is, bebes??

Why, Screener Surprise May Winner Day of course!! (and it’s also June 1st)

This month, I wanted to take a little of the attention off PVV (and me) and I wanted to hear about You, The Producer. As you may recall:

“This month, Screener Surprise will redirect some of the attention from me to you. Rather than tell me what you luuuv about PVV, I want to know about You, The Producer – what would your ‘porn name’ be and what kind of content would you make? If you could create anything, what would you like to see?” (originally here)

Sooo without further ado, I have selected two – that’s right, TWO!! – winners for this month’s Screener Surprise!!

First and foremost… Jen Doe, PVV loves you!! Here’s what Jen had to say about her producer self:

“My project will be producing and directing a semi-autobiographical film, starring myself and the fabulous Magdalene St. Michaels. It’s a ‘girl-meets-porn star’ love story, where an eight month journey begins with two women from different worlds meeting online and ultimately falling in love, leaving broken relationships behind.”

Awww!! I know that Jen has more than a little love for Magdalene, as you all may be able to tell from the wonderful site she maintains in her honor… and really, what’s not to love about Magdalene?? Listen to PVV’s interview with her to learn more about this interesting and thoughtful woman.

But more importantly, what’s not to love about you Jen and your wonderful creative idea?? I hope to see your film someday, exactly as you envision it!! :)

…and I also decided to do a little something wild – in the spirit of being international, I just had to select a second Screener Surprise winner this month. Sooo RobBank, from Australia (Australia!!), PVV loves you!!

Here is what Rob had to say about PVV:

“Dear Dr Chauntelle,

I love PVV as I have always loved porn (who hasn’t?) and enjoy reading what the industry and those involved are like.

Keep it up, I love reading the site.


Awww!! Sweet and to the point!! Thank you Rob for letting me know that my work is reaching out so far and wide. I really appreciate your support!!

Jen and Rob, be looking for a special little surprise in the mail from PVV soon; and thank you so much – I appreciate your support of my work (and my little efforts to combat tube sites and piracy) more than I could ever express.

And for those of you who are squirming with envy right now, why not enter next month’s Screener Surprise?? Here’s how:

Email me and tell me what you love about PVV, what you love about adult content in general, OR what you would love to see in some porn someday (You, The Producer). You only need to pick one (although you may do them ALL if you want), but make sure to tell me something fun – the funner the better :)

Also include your address (for the one-time mailing of your winnings only), a name that I can use to refer to you, and an idea of what type of content you would like to receive as a “Surprise!!” if your statement is chosen… then you too could be as happy as Jen and Rob are right now!!

* * *

Screener Surprise winners are selected on the first of every month in an effort to help fight internet piracy of adult content. Past Screener Surprise winners are listed here.