#AB332 hearing streaming live TODAY (4/24/13)

UPDATE (4/24/13, 6 PM) – “AB332 Faced Death in Committee, But Passe[d]” –> here

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AB332 (mandatory condoms in porn) will go before the California State Assembly Labor Committee TODAY, April 24, 2013.

You can hear it live at starting at 1:30 pm PST here –> http://albr.assembly.ca.gov/hearings

Have a listen!!


And incidentally, yesterday adult content producer and performer (among many other things) Mo Reese posed an interesting series of questions surrounding Assembly Bill (AB)999, which, if passed, would provide condoms for folks incarcerated in California.

According to AB999, the HIV infection rate in prisons is documented to be five times higher than that in the general population, though most experts believe the actual rate to be even greater than what’s documented. Further, “by not distributing condoms in our prisons, we are not only ignoring the realities of prison, but we are abandoning the predominantly low-income and minority populations outside of prison who will eventually have the most contact with these former inmates.” (quoted text from AB999)

AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the organization driving AB332, does not support AB999. Mo rightly wonders… why?

Read his entire discussion here. It is very compelling.


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