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Consider Dee Severe…

Mistress D Severe comes to fetish porn filmmaking from a background in rock journalism (credits include Rolling Stone, Hollywood Reporter, LA Weekly), non-fiction writing, and indie film. A life-long dominant, Dee had been dabbling in lifestyle BDSM for years and worked as a pro domme. But something pushed her to go further.

As part of her transition from mainstream freelance writer and dominate player to BDSM and kink production professional, she and her husband Jimmy Broadway were founding members of a mainstream filmmaking collective. Her short film, Forensic Mysteries, screened at numerous festivals including Silverlake and the L.A. Short Film fest and was an Action/Cut competition semi-finalist.

But given mainstream film economics and politics, Dee and Jimmy decided to take the plunge – they opened Severe Society Films (SSF) in 2007.

Today, Dee and Jimmy co-own SSF, purveyors of very heavy and authentic kink content, where she directs and handles pretty much everything post-production. And though she mostly works behind the camera, she can occasionally be seen dispensing punishment, tickle torture, and strap-on sex to bad boys and girls in productions such as the AVN Award-nominated Strap On Idol: A XXX Fetish Parody and The Housewives’ Revenge series. Basically, she and Jimmy work tirelessly, crafting individual and collaborative projects that meet the needs of very discerning clientele, consumers, and viewers.

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Dee… about her life thus far, her work, her lifelong passions, and her developing dreams. She shared her thoughts on the adult and BDSM communities, which are both overlapping and distinct, piracy, and creating quality content that meets a group of very discerning consumers’ needs. It was amazing, she is amazing, and you definitely should give it a listen…


Dee’s take on her work, process, and life in general speak to many important lessons – be true to yourself (cuz your real self is eventually gonna come out), live and let live, take pride in your good work and in the good work of others, and always seek growth. These are words to live by, embodied every day by Mistress D Severe.

I know she’s challenging you, you bad bad little thing, to do the exact same thing.

For more on Severe Society Films, go here. For an in-depth audio interview with Dee’s partner in (multiple) crime(s), Jimmy Broadway, go here.

Vistin Dee on Twitter at @SevereSociety and/or email her here.

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Images courtesy of Dee Severe and Severe Society Films.

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