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“I am the next level of entertainment” is asserted regularly on everything Natalie Star.

Natalie Star?

Yes, Natalie Star – web cam performer, model mentor, business entrepreneur, and puppy mama (among many other things)…

Natalie Star started working in the adult business about five years ago with the Web Cam Modeling Association (WCMA). The WCMA is a group that organizes web cam models and vets camming sites for reputability. When new models would sign up, Natalie was the one who would walk them through the process. But after a few years, it wasn’t enough to just talk about what worked and what didn’t. Natalie wanted to speak from direct, lived experience…

…and thus a star was then born!!

Natalie has been working as a web cam model ever since. And, as a person who knows the camming business from both ends, she has since become one of this modeling community’s greatest assets. She also fronts her own cam model network, Natalie Star Entertainment.

Natalie took some time out recently to talk to me about all sorts of things – her experiences in the business, the types of things she does as a model mentor, the differences and overlaps between cam performers and porn performers, and her plans for the future. I learned so much from Natalie, and you should to – have a listen!!


Holy goodness!!

Aside from some some ins-and-outs of web camming that I didn’t understand before (state blocking – dang!!), I was particularly compelled by our discussion of differences and overlaps between porn performers and cam models. I have totally noticed the “lots of porn performers also cam, but not a lot of cam models are in porn” pattern, and Natalie’s perspective on why that is is really fascinating.

 (pictured: Natalie in the July issue of XBiz World, page 42)

But more so than all the nitty gritty details, what I really loved was Natalie herself – what a forward-thinking and driven woman!! Some might call her a workaholic, but I’d say that Natalie is actually a really creative breath of fresh air – a realist with her eyes on the future and a true humanitarian providing an almost invaluable service in today’s changing world.

Her advice and experiences could not only benefit every new adult performer coming up (as a cam model and otherwise) – Natalie’s insights could also benefit every young person out in the world in general.

Because people, and bodies and interests, change – that’s a fact of life. And, as Natalie said, fast money spends even faster. Being mindful of these sorts of things could help every person plan for the future… and live each day to the fullest!!

(pictured: Natalie with the WCMA’s custom made belt by Johnny Masis)

Natalie Star wants to hear from you (yes, you!!) – visit her on and on Twitter at @NatalieStarLive.

You can also listen to Natalie on Midnight Blue Radio at


And if you’re interested in taking yourself to the next level, check out and/or the Web Cam Modeling Association (WCMA).


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