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DVD is dying. No one wants tangible products anymore.

Porn is in a gluttonous lurch – there’s too much of it, it’s impossible to distinguish yourself or your product, and no one pays for it anyway.

Today’s new content is tomorrow’s old news…

Sounds pretty depressing, especially if you’re an ambitious dude in your early 20s who’s just dedicated a significant amount of time learning the back end of the adult business.

The back end of the adult business?

Yes – everything from marketing to branding to distribution… all that stuff and more, the stuff that happens when the cameras stop rolling.

Meet Mike Kulich.

(pictured: Mike)

Originally from the east coast, Mike came barely legal and hungry to Southern California approximately eight years ago.

He’s since developed one of the most bold and creative business models to ever grace the “dying” adult DVD market.

Mike owns Monarchy Distribution. Put simply, Monarchy collects assorted web-based adult scenes (via distribution negotiation); packages them into one of seven (and counting) carefully crafted lines; and then, via a team of experienced representatives from some of the industry’s best distributors, gives these scenes a second run in front of an entirely different audience – the DVD consumer.

And you thought they were dying…

They’re not!! They’re out there buying collections from Assence Films, OGEE Studios, Pajama Party, Double Team Studios, Brand XXX, Black Storm Pictures, and Tranny Factory Studios – each a unique space that meets DVD consumers’ particular needs, while managing to recreate that eclectic collection feel one gets from web-based content.

It’s all rather genius, if you ask me… but don’t take my word for it!!

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to sit down with the king of Monarchy, Mike Kulich. Part fun-loving, part dude, all business and box-breaking creativity, Mike has managed to find a new way to make a dollar out of fifteen cents – have a listen, it’s amazing.


Mike Kulich is an incredible anomaly. Aside from creative and aside from bold, Mike has both an eye for the future – vision – and a humble respect for the knowledge and experience of those who’ve come before him – wisdom – that is refreshing and so rare. He also has a little bit of humanity.

Because it takes a certain kind of person to take the exact same blocks every kid in the sandbox has had for the past 5 – 10 years and make something new… and profitable. It takes another kind of person (creative and lucky) to start a line called Assence with some “old” Sasha Grey.

(pictured: the debut title from Monarchy Distribution’s Assence line – two years old, but you know you wish you’d thought of it)

And it takes an entirely different kind of person to help pay some respect to Chubby. (listen to the podcast!!)

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On Sasha Grey reading to kids, etc – here.

Assence Films, Sasha Grey, and donations in The Huffington Post here.

Mike seems to go above and beyond in terms of responses and explanations. Case in point: here is a letter he wrote in response to questions about the name “Tranny Factory Studios,” which is part of Monarchy.

Press: “OGEE Studios to Donate Proceeds of Little Rascals XXX” here.

And if you’re not down with an XXX version of “Little Rascals,” you can still contribute to Norman “Chubby” Chaney’s cause. See the IndieGoGo campaign to get Chubby a headstone here.

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