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Brian Street Team!!

(you see the pattern)

I’m not generally one to comment on things (as long as you discount this entire site, I guess), but I “research” a lot of stuff. And recently, through research, I read some some things written by a man named Brian Street Team.

Articulate and measured, thoughtful and diplomatic, this guy didn’t seem nothin’ like your Average Porn Dude. Now clearly no one is, but I was intrigued – who was this Brian Street Team? I had to know more. And now I do. And soon, so shall you becaaause…

I recently got the opportunity to chat with Mr. Street Team, and I learned a lot of amazing things – most amazing, I thought, was the fact that he is not a full-time adult performer. This self-described luckiest guy ever actually has a day job. He’s an engineer who just happens to do porn on the side. He also used to be in the Navy.


And really fascinating!! How in the world did all that come about?

Brian is also in a very sweet-seeming, committed relationship with none other than Ms. Lucy Vonne, sex blogger and adult novelty slanger extraordinaire. They have a dog. Lucy is not an adult performer. How in the world does that work?

Brian answers all these questions and more in this really fascinating and fun interview. Have a listen:



Do you feel all buoyant now, like you want to give someone a happy hug? …because I do!! :)

Brian reveals much about serendipity, his interesting life course thus far, and greeting new opportunities and experiences with an open mind. His experiences also address some hot-button issues that shape the realities of many adult performers and industry insiders, while captivating all the mainstreamers who want to know how the heck it it all works, today.

(pictured: not sure exactly what’s going on here… but whatever it is, it’s awesome!!)

Consider, for example, the body politics of “porn friendly tattoos.” Then, juxtapose such forms of individual expression with the expression and vision of producers and the cold, hard fact of market demands in a for-profit industry. A very interesting and complex series of tensions emerges, with which Brian has direct experience

Consider also “conventional” notions of romantic relationships and monogamy, along with sex behavior and gender. Brian and Lucy obviously challenge many mainstream relationship norms, but they actually also challenge many relationship norms within the adult industry. Women performers often have men partners who do not work as talent, be they industry insiders or not; however, it’s pretty rare to see a man performer (part-time or otherwise) with a non-performer partner. It’s an interesting dynamic that points to the diversity of experiences contained within the adult industry. It’s not all what you’d think!!

(pictured: Brian and Lucy – adorable!!)

And I’m willing to bet there is even more to Brian Street Team than this interview reveals, but it’s now up to you to find out!!

In honor of three-name power, expectation-challenging adorable hottness, and all around awesome, show Mr. Street Team some love – find him on Facebook, Tumblr, and on Twitter at @BrianStreetTeam. I’m sure he’ll show you some Johnny radness in return!!

You can also see Brian working as a super fabulous “cock jock” hobbyest on Burning Angel here – enjoy!!

But is Brian the only man who challenges conventional Porn Dude stereotypes?

Nope!! Check out PVV interviews with these guys – they give porn lovin’ a better name (and please tell me someone else said/read that with a little Bon Jovi over the top??)

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