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Who is Alia Janine?

Well, since she’s one of only a small number of adult performers ever to use her real name, she’s… Alia Janine.

Alia began her adult career as a dancer in Wisconsin and Florida and eventually made the jump to performer in Score’s Mamazon (2009). She has since been building her resume with some of the industry’s top content producers and magazines. She’s a very hands-on individual and worked very closely with developers on the design and aesthetics of her recently-launched website, (also

All this is awesome, but what really gets me about Alia Janine is her activism and singular, community-minded spirit. Alia is passionate about her rights as an individual and as an adult industry performer/worker. Case in point: I actually first became acquainted with her at a Cal-OSHA meeting on June 7, 2011. During this particular meeting, Alia shared her feelings about condom use in adult content production and her rights as a performer with the OSHA board (and everyone else in the packed meeting room). Her address was an exhibition in eloquence and strength, and I was super impressed with her bold candor!!

Alia’s concerns about condom use in porn have not diminished since that meeting. She speaks about the issues and how she feels they will impact her workplace and community on a regular basis. In February, she posted a strongly worded op/ed that was picked up by several adult industry news sites entitled “My Body, My Choice.” Here’s some text:

I find it hard to believe that it’s 2012 and I find myself, amongst others, fighting for our rights… In June [2012] my fellow voters could be voting on if I should have the choice to choose what I think is acceptable for my own body by forcing me to use condoms while performing in movies.

But not only condoms, we would literally have to have a porn set Operation Room sterile. Gloves, dental dams (female condom), goggles, biohazard waste receptacles, sharps containers, hospital scrubs, haz-mat suits, and so on. Although all of these things are already on most sets and would also make great props for a movie, they would actually be staple items on a set and would have to be used accordingly. As some of you may know from other blog posts, on other sites I’ve been involved with this issue a little bit. I’ve attended one of the Cal/OSHA meetings where I was told about the goggles during an oral sex scene and nearly lost it. Seriously, I had to leave the meeting because I was so outraged. (text originally here)


She seemed pretty outraged at that meeting; and, given her involvement in the matter and the intricacies of the situation, who can blame her?

Further, she appeared on a Russia TV in a segment entitled “Condom Police Could Make the Economy Go Limp” (with Domino Presley) and discussed some of the issues at hand. Global!!

Alia took some time out to discuss her life thus far, her thoughts on industry issues, and her hopes for the future with PVV. Have a listen to this spirited, passionate woman… uncensored!!



A strong willed woman who knows what she wants… and then gets it. A woman who is not afraid stand up for her own autonomy and rights. That’s Alia Janine.

In a world where women who are open about sex and who choose to lead unconventional lives… hell, in a world that still considers women who do not maintain an archaic version of a fictitious status quo unabashed “sluts,” Alia Janine stands out. She is more than a “tall,” “stacked,” “MILF” (over 26!!) – she is a strong voice in a community of your human peers.


Get to know this lovely lady on Twitter at @Alia_Janine and check out Her blog is especially interesting – at times insightful and often entertaining!!

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