PVV – what’s in a name?

When I began PVV in June of 2010 (on blogspot!!), I really struggled with the name.

As a sociologist, feminist, social justice advocate, and human being, I firmly believe that the adult production industry, be it in the US or abroad, is worth serious scholarly consideration. It’s culturally significant and extremely influential. One does not have to like porn or support the industry, but it is limiting (and foolish) to attempt to ignore or dismiss it.

As a consequence, I didn’t want some esoteric flowery name that pretended to be something it wasn’t.  Historically, the vast majority of legal adult content production in the US has occurred in and around Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, or “Porn Valley” as it’s sometimes colloquially referred… and one objective of my work is to engage and evaluate adult industry-related happenings from a critical, interdisciplinary, and “real world” vantage point – thus, Porn Valley Vantage!!

It seemed simple enough to me, but man-oh-man was it anything but.

You see, in my mission to refrain from mincing around the issue of adult industry marginalization, I figured having “porn” in the name was a good thing.  Fight the power!! Engage problematic issues head on!!

But just like the “fighting” in UFC and the “fried” in Colonel Sanders (KFC), I didn’t fully realize how quickly “porn” would cause some people to shut down and/or turn off. It really didn’t matter how much sense I was making or how much new information I was presenting if people refused to even engage the content.

For example, I had an epically disappointing experience with a supposedly progressive women’s blog network because of “porn” (read that story here); and on February 1, 2011, a major social networking site disabled my blog’s page for supposedly violating its terms of service (read about that here). Ick, ack!!

And even people who wanted to read my work were occasionally impeded because of “porn.”  lbq, who works for a large Southern California-area HMO, found that PornValleyVantage.com was blocked in her workplace; and RB, who sent me amazing thoughtful private comments, couldn’t follow the site publicly because of possible implications in his personal life. Even after I had paid for my drink and two hours of “free” interweb access at a major fancy coffee chain, I could’t work on my site – blocked.

These instances clearly pointed to the need for the work I was doing, but if people couldn’t access the information… then what?

By this point, people (myself included) had begun referring to the site as “PVV,” so I figured “What the heck?” We live in a world of the acronym, and if it meant that people at Location XXX could read my scholarly, rigorous, funny, sassy, informative, boundary pushing, complex, and totally safe for work blog on their lunch breaks… well then, so be it.

The “PVV” in PVVOnline could stand for Princess Vera’s Vestibules, Pauline’s Variable Varietal, or Panda Verbose Vamp (no idea), but it actually stands for Porn Valley Vantage – critical commentary on adult production.

(pictured: somewhere outside of LA courtesy of me)