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I’ve been hearing about WoodRocket for a few weeks now, but what the heck is a wood rocket anyway?!! (hehe) I decided to check it out… is an up-and-coming porn and entertainment website. Accordingly, it’s “The Future of Porn!”

And I gotta tell ya – the folks behind WoodRocket might not be wrong…

WoodRocket boasts: “The Hottest Porn, the Biggest Stars, the Best Amateurs, & Exclusive Web Series. All Free!” The site is clear, kitschy, and sexy-cute. There’s no overwhelming barrage of hard ads or annoying LiveJasmin-type pop-ups and chat windows. (I hate the way you market yourselves, LiveJasmin!!)

woodrocket logo

(pictured: apparently THIS is a wood rocket!!)

There’s a simple bar across the top of WoodRocket’s home page that lets you know exactly what they have to offer: Web Series and a WoodRocketTV space, Podcasts, some exclusive content, and a store.

WoodRocket TV and web series seem to be an ongoing collection of… serials and specials!! They include “Show & Tell with Brian Street Team“ (LOVE!!), “Topless Girls Reading Books,” “Ask A Porn Star” featuring a slew of leading ladies (and counting, I assume), and a whole slew of funny specials.

This is the most recent “special” and the thing that made me HAVE to write about WoodRocket in the first place – “Pornstars congratulate the Pope!” Here’s the SFW version:


Haha what the heck?!! I love it!!

WoodRocket also features exclusive hardcore content – rereleased scenes mined largely from director Lee Roy Myers’ extensive, hilarious, and sexy hott repertoire AND new content… like the weirdest parody *EVER* of everyone’s favorite pineapple under the sea, Sponge Bob Square Pants, in SpongeKnob SquareNuts (SFW trailer here, Anthony Rosano – always amazing) and a super new little somethin’ called Sex Toy Story


 (pictured: Dani Jensen and James Deen in Sex Toy Story)

Here’s the trailer:


Are you in love with WoodRocket yet?

What’s also noteworthy is that the folks at WoodRocket, including Lee Roy Myers himself, have already engaged the whole why-are-you-using-children’s-content-as-porn-parody-source-material? thing. Within the specific content of SpongeKnob, Lee Roy had this to say (from Vice Magazine, via AVN here)

As porn fans know, there’s a teensy bit of controversy being stirred up by religious/conservative zealots who claim that making parodies of cartoons like Spongebob, or “family movies” like The Wizard of Oz (which critics have noted contains several very un-family moments like Dorothy getting zonked out in a field of opium poppies, and the Wicked Witch of the East getting a house dropped on her) is tantamount to pedophilia, but Myers defends his choice of parody material well.


“First of all, if my goal is to lure in children, I would never make money,” Myers rightly observed. “Second, my goal is not to get children to watch porn. It doesn’t make any sense; if a group really did attack me for it, I’d write it off as ridiculous because I know that my intentions are not to sell porn to kids.” (here)



(pictured: yep… weird. And awesome)

The final thing WoodRocket has to offer – as if there wasn’t already enough – is podcasts. Awesome podcasts hosted by Lee Roy Myers and Seth’s Beard, with an occasional third host (James Deen) and occasional guests. I should be a guest!! We could talk about all the ways that Wood Rocket is awesome in the context of a bigger socio-cultural picture because for reals…

WoodRocket is light-hearted and funny. WoodRocket is smart and sassy. WoodRocket is clearly connected to the wider culture. And WoodRocket is super sexy, with more than enough hardcore to meet your needs. I have long since been deeply compelled by Lee Roy Myers’ work – every one of his projects shows the deeper connections between adult content and the wider world. You can see his vision all over this site.

100% definitely check it out… and give them a donation!! Because seriously – just the trailer for SpongeKnob is worth more than a few dolla dolla bills, yo.


Recommended for: anyone and everyone with a quirky, sexy sense of humor

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WoodRocket has a store!! When you get there, you quickly learn that WoodRocket offers “1000s of HD videos. All legal content. No popups or thumbnail galleries. Exclusive scenes, trailers and more!”

I love this – no pirated content on WoodRocket cuz it’s all legal. Awesome!! I gotta say: Lee Roy Myers – filmmaker, community-minded, quirky as fkkk, genius.


(pictured: Lee Roy Myers)

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