Review – Wicked Pictures’ Bikini Outlaws (2013)

If you’re into hot, highly-stylized, gorgeously shot content that’s incredibly edgy, stop reading right now and go get yourself some Bikini Outlaws (2013). You will not be disappointed.

Directed by Barrett Blade for Wicked Pictures, this title comes complete with a thug girl gang gangster storyline, superlative music, and the keenest attention to detail I’ve seen in a very long time.


(pictured: buy your copy of Bikini Outlaws and/or watch it now here)

Here’s the synopsis:

Bad To The Bone!

[Four] young and reckless beauties from different walks of life take on the system and get more than they bargain for. Fast girls go “all in” for the quick buck by knocking over an easy target – but find out things aren’t always what they seem. Smoking hot girls, car crashes, and mind-blowing sex collide in this visual masterpiece that will leave you breathless!

“Visual masterpiece” is not an exageration. The film’s entire aesthetic is perfectly rendered – if you didn’t know it already, Barrett Blade is an absolute force to be reckoned with.

And the performances, my goodness… The performances in Bikini Outlaws will leave you wide-eyed and kinda shocked, all while getting you hot and super bothered – particularly standout are Jessa Rhodes (who is almost too convincing), Eric Masterson (also, almost too convincing), and Mr. Pete (there are no words…)


(pictured: Jessa and Eric – you. will. die)

Bikini Outlaws is like the most epic rollercoaster that you just can’t get enough of. I honestly don’t want to say too much… other than I loved it!!

The trailer that’s floating around on the interwebs doesn’t do this film justice. Seriously. So just go watch it. Bikini Outlaws will rock your world – for reals.


Recommended for: ooooh this one is tricky – Bikini Outlaws is hot, sleazy as fkkk, and super well-done… so well-done, in fact, that it’s also super convincing. I loved how edgy it was, but be forewarned: the sex and scenarios push the boundaries of Wicked-typical (though, of course, condoms are present throughout), and the allusions to violence* here are very in-your-face.

*meaning, ladies getting violent with their marks – no one is messing with these babes. (though again – possible trigger warning here)


(pictured: Teal and Pete are too much)

Bikini Outlaws

With performances by Samantha Saint, Anastasia Morna (as Anna Morna), Jessa Rhodes, Teal Conrad, Danny Mountain, Eric Masterson, Keni Styles, Mr. Pete, and a bunch of non-sex extras.

Directed by Barrett Blade for Wicked Pictures. Released in June, 2013.

Buy your copy of Bikini Outlaws and/or watch it now here.


Extras: I watched it super special early, so I don’t knowwwww… given Wicked, I would expect standard BTS fare and at least one bonus scene.


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